RADACAD- SL Dynamics Report- Productivity Report for Production Industry

Getting some perspective on employee’s productivity will help managers to lead their team better. We’ve created a report based on employee’s time sheet stored in Dynamics SL.


Managers at different levels are interested in tracking their employees’ productivity, which is in combination of billable and non-billable hours. Dynamics SL stores some information about the employs’ timesheets, invoice and so forth. The main challenge to how to use the stored data in Dynamics SL to help managers to answer below questions:
How productive is each branch and team?
What is the break time of timesheet hours?
What are the details of billable and non-billable hours?


Employee’s productivity reports help managers of different levels to track their employee’s productivity. The top-level managers are more interested in high level reports, which provides overview of the numbers of hours being spent on admin, billable, non-billable jobs or leave hours.  To address this need, we provide a report that shows the below items:
1-  Breakdown of the time sheet hours based on the branch and team.
2- Four main KPIs showing Billable, Non-billable, Admin, and Leave hours comparing to the company targets.
3- Values over month, team, location, and fiscal year.
The production team managers are interested in information from the breakdowns of Billable, Non-billable, and Admin hours. They want to know how much time their employees have put in education, business development and admin. From the records of Billable hours, they may also be interested in, finding out values of project time, proposal and out of scope hours, that the employees of each location and each team have spent.  For leave hours, they may be interested to see how much of these time is for annual leave, sick leave, special leave, and time in lieu.


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