March 29, 2015

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41 thoughts on “Contact Us

  • Hi Reza,

    I can across your website the other day. Very impressive! I run a business with 3 staff based in Penrose. We do locational based analytics (GIS) for a range of customers (Auckland Council is just one) around NZ. If you ever have a requirement on any of your BI projects for assistance with locational data and analytics please get in touch.

    Best regards , Steve

  • hi
    it ‘s a big honor to see Leila and you doing such a great job ..

    wish you All success guys


  • Hello Reza,

    I have been following for quite some time and I am really impressed with your work.

    I am a rookie data analyst in the financial services sector and I want to be the very best at this but I am just starting and I have loads to learn which can be a bit intimidating.
    I want to use powerbi to wow my bosses but there are so many courses online and most are mostly summaries. I would appreciate if you could mentor me by directing me to the right tools, lectures, lessons so I can be the best cos I am a bit concerned and confussed at the moment. I will appreciate any recommendations

  • Hi Reza,

    I’m just wondering if by subscribing the Power BI Essentials self-paced training, would it also allow us to contact you directly for any clarifications or questions regarding the material as well?

  • Hi Reza,
    As i am in the process of learning Power BI security lessons,unfortunately the screenshots in the portal are not visible at all.Could you please re-verify it once again?
    because the content is very much valuable to learn the tricks and tips given by you guys.Really it’s fantastic work.All the best and will keep on waiting for your new topics.

    Pavan kumar

  • I just wanted to say that even though I’m just getting started with all the helpful information on this site. I’ve been really blown away. I was feeling overwhelmed as I have 22 days to get a PBiX dashboard together, but your site has given me hope and motivation to get it done. Cheers!

  • Hi Reza.

    You and your team have built an amazing repository of knowledge here which has surely taken a lot of time and effort. Thank you for making this available!
    Can I ask how you find the time to work (visiting clients, building models/reports etc), manage a business, study & keep up with tech, blog so much, sleep and still have personal time?
    I cannot comprehend how to manage time in a way that would give enough to accomplish what you have done here!
    Or do you have a Delorean?!

    • Thanks for your kind words, it took and takes a lot of time of course as you said 🙂
      Well, in order to create such a repository, you need to cut down some of the billing time. That is what we do actually. It is a big sacrifice 🙂

  • Hi Reza,
    You have a nice range of content in the book ‘Pro Power Bi Architecture’ – thanks for this and other resources you have made available. I see there is a new 2019 paperback version – when will the Kindle Edition receive these 2019 updates?

  • Hello Reza,

    I just wanted to say my thanks! Your site and the free PDFs have been so helpful in the ever evolving world of Power BI. Anything I search related to Power BI, shows up your site link on the first result page after Microsoft.


  • Hi Reza,
    big fan of your works and great job with shaping a community of professionals around your solid skill set.
    quick Q, I have a pbix file with data source to a sql server through direct query. sql code in direct query is greyed out and can’t retrieve the script neither in design nor in query editor mode.
    Is it possible to read that code at all? if so, I appreciate some hint or direction please.


    • Hi Afshin
      Thanks 🙂
      You should be able to go to Advanced Editor of that query and see the entire M script. a part of that script should be the SQL script.

  • Hi Reza,

    I came across your portal around 4 months ago and I have been following it since then. The material available in your website is great and contextual to solve the issues faced while developing dashboards or writing DAX.

  • Hi Reza,
    Question about your Power BI Snapshot tool.
    I need to be able to consume the data in the snapshots. We are looking to create a report of all the changes that occurred overnight. Is it possible to store the snapshots on a folder in a shared drive and then use the folder as a data source that refreshes everyday? Your examples show that each snapshot is its own dataset on the service, which would require a manual modification to add the new dataset to the PBIX.

  • Hi Reza
    Amazing content ,all these year i was searching good content for power BI Finally Found it,I’m new to power BI.
    Your Book, blog helping me alot…Thanks

    • Hi Guilherme
      If you are talking about only AI features within Power BI, the answer is not yet, that video training is under progress, however, it will be available very soon

  • First of all …. i am really very happy to find such a great and informative site to learn about power bi… apart from that the ways you have described the content is speechless.
    I want to get help that i have learnt power bi but i don’t know how to practice and deep dive. Please help me to develop project in power bi.

    • Hi Ashir
      Thanks for your kind words
      If you are looking for free training, please check out free books on our website (we have six free books)
      if you are looking for paid training, check the training page of our website, please


  • Reza – I’m writing to request additional information re the ‘horizontal bar + data points’ visual used in Salary survey. It’s a great visual that does not appear to be available in ‘Powerbi App Source’ market place.

  • Hi,

    In order to serve customer with their operational or small analytics reports needs could we use POWER BI to conenct to PROD APP DB and get the data set to the Cloud PBI?

    Using gateway to refresh or incrementally load this data daily…

    Most searches are saying do not hit the PROD DB , but i am questioning since operational reports should be light and even if we use resource managment on prod DB wouldnt we be able to ensure that any pull POWER BI does is not “HEAVY” on the PROD?

    If there is a safe way with resource managment on DB applied and POWER BI importing data ?

    Importing data to Warehouse is a goal but for smaller tasks could this work ?

    • Hi Branko
      Getting data from operational prod DB can be fine, as long as it doesn’t happen on the peak time. You can have your operational system users working with the system at day time, and then Power BI dataset to be scheduled to refresh overnight, that shouldn’t cause any problem, especially when you have the Incremental Load on.

  • It was so great to meet you both at the Summit Conference in October! Thank you for the teaching. If you know how to conditional formatting of subtotals in Power BI, please share. Seems to be a known problem by Microsoft but I was hoping there was a workaround because our leaders like to see reds on negatives.

    • Hi Pamela
      Thanks for your kind words.
      I have done some posts on conditional formatting. the last one is also about the totals. here are some:

  • Hi Reza,

    I am a big fan of your blogs and articles. I learn so much from it.

    I am working on a project where I am creating a super dataset, which would feed to many reports. I would like to know your opinion about the following:

    1. Should I create the measures in the respective reports?

    2. If not, is it okay to keep the measures in a one row table for easier maintenance? I realize that for some cases, it may simply not work due to the row context.

    Thank you so much.


  • I have been following your books on power bi since one month. One thing I would like to express that the content is more close to real time scenarios and whole credit to your team for such an explorative material. These are really supportive in our day to day challenges. Thank you very much Reza and Team for your support. Thanks

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