March 28, 2016

Dr. Leila Etaati

Dr. Leila Etaati

Dr. Leila Etaati is the first Microsoft AI MVP in New Zealand and Australia, She has a Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University Of Auckland. And she has been working with information systems since 20 years ago. She is the Co-director and data scientist in RADACAD She is the co-organizer of Power BI and Analytics user group (meetup) in Auckland with more than 2500 members, She is the co-director of conferences such as the Difinity Conference (2017 till now) and the Power BI Summit (the biggest Power BI conference). She is a Data Scientist,  BI Consultant, Trainer, and international Speaker. She is one of the very few AI and Data Platform Dual Microsoft MVPs in the world. Leila is an active Technical Microsoft AI blogger for RADACAD.

  • Chair and Director at RADACAD
  • Chairman, and Director at Power BI Summit
  • Chairman, and Director at Difinity conference (Since 2017)
  • Microsoft Data Platform MVP (Since 2016)
  • Microsoft AI MVP (Since 2017)
  • Leader of Data, Insights, and Power BI user group in Auckland, New Zealand (Since 2016)
  • Regional Leader of Global AI Bootcamp
  • Leader of Artificial Intelligence user group in Auckland (Since 2018)
  • Power BI All-Star award winner
  • Dynamic Communities Emerald award winner
  • Author of more books on Data Science, AI, analytics, and Power BI
  • Speaker at many conferences such as Ignite, Microsoft Business Applications Summit, PASS, and etc.
  • Blogger, and content creator
  • Consultant, and trainer
  • Microsoft Certified trainer
  • Microsoft Certified professional

She worked in Industries including banking financial, power and utility, manufacturing. She is an invited lecturer at the University of Auckland. And she is a trainer in Data Analytics, AI, and Data Science courses in RADACAD.

Leila speaks in international SQL Server and BI conferences such as Microsoft Ignite, PASS Summit, PASS Business Analytics, PASS Rally, and many SQL Saturdays in the USA, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand on Machine Learning and Analytics topics.

Ask Leila about these technologies and areas;

  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Predictive, Prescriptive, and Descriptive Analytics
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • R
  • Python
  • On-Prem Machine Learning with SQL Server, and Python
  • Power BI and R
  • Power BI
  • Stunning Visualization with R
  • Microsoft BI Suite in SQL Server
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • IOT
  • Real-time Streaming

When Leila is not doing data-related work, her hobbies are;

  • Playing Game Boards!
  • Watching all type of movies!
  • Swimming if not cold!

Feel free to contact Leila here.

Check out Leila’s blog posts here.




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