August 1, 2020

What do we do at RADACAD? Our Goal, our Mission, our Promise

A word from Reza Rad:

It was a little over five years ago that Leila and I decided to start this business. We were not some experienced business owners, and RADACAD was the very first business that we ran ourselves. So it is obvious that some of the steps that many enterprise businesses take at the beginning were missed by us. For example, we never had a mission statement, something that explains what we do and how we make a difference.

Being practitioners ourselves, we just started doing what we have been best at. And we have worked tirelessly in the past few years for this business. Although we never mentioned what is our mission formally, a lot of you who have been with us for some years, got some understandings of it.

When we start a conversation with someone who doesn’t know us, we found it, however, to be a bit hard to explain what exactly we do. So, here we come with this mission statement. You can consider it as our goal, and our target, this is what we wake up every day for, and do work for it every hour.


We are not a consulting shop like many consulting groups out there. If you go to a website of a consulting business, most of the content you see there is not really teaching anything. It is calling you to do an action, and the action is to contact them and get them to do the work for you. RADACAD is not that kind of business.

We are not a training company that teaches you something that you may not use, and then leave you in the real-world problems that have been never discussed in the training content.

What we do

We do help YOU to become an expert. We don’t say you need to sit back, and we do the thing for you. We wok on the concept of teaching you how to fish, rather than giving you a fish we caught. We want you to be able to catch fish anytime you want. We help you to do it yourself, but not only to do it but excel at it, be one of the best at doing it.

I have been working for many consulting companies before I start RADACAD, and I still remember one of the meetings we had in one of those, the manager was saying that DIY (Do It Yourself) is the enemy of consulting companies, because if people do things themselves, then they won’t come to a consulting shop for help! In RADACAD we are thinking of exactly the opposite. We want you to be an expert.

A lot of our customers are consultants who want to know better, who want to become better in their job. A lot of our customers get to learn things from zero to hero, hence our training content; Learn from Rookie to Rock Star.

Our Goal: Helping YOU to become an expert

You can feel this everywhere on our website. All the blogs on our website are teaching you something. We never had a blog only doing marketing and not teaching you. Our target was always to empower others, to teach them how to do this and that.

You can get this feeling if you read any of our blogs, watch our videos, read our books, attend our courses (either paid or free). Our goal was always to help YOU to become an expert.

I have to say we have been successful at it, and we are continuing to do it every day. There are countless of people reaching out to us time by time and telling their stories, and we are thrilled to hear them all. We hear many of you coming to us and saying;

  • you passed a certification
  • you got a job you wanted
  • you got a promotion in your job
  • you got a better salary
  • you run your own business and have clients
  • you make a living with your learnings

Stories like these define us. We are here to help you not only to become an expert but have a better life. This is what we do every day.

Our Mission: Helping EVERYONE to become an EXPERT

Our mission (which have been untold so far) then is to helping everyone to become an expert. This is our contribution to the world, we want to make everyone feeling better, having more confidence that they know something very well, and they are an expert in it. No matter the technology, we are targeting this as our mission in the world.

We imagine a world with experts, how beautiful this would be and how better the life of everyone would become.