June 5, 2017

About Us

RADACAD founded by a group of highly specialized consultants and mentors with many years of experience in Data Analytics training and consulting. We provide Consulting and Training services for companies worldwide with their Business Intelligence solutions, Data Analytics, Information Management, Master Data Management, Power BI, Azure Data Solutions…  We also provide training courses online or in-person for business intelligence, SQL Server, and Data related topics from 100 to 400 levels.
Our team’s profile includes but not limited to:

  • First AI Microsoft MVP in NZ and Australia.
  • Data platform Microsoft MVP for over 10 years.
  • AI and Data platform Dual Microsoft MVP for 5 years (One of four in the World).
  • Regional director for Microsoft Azure and Data Analytics (One of 200 in the world).
  • Trained many Microsoft Partners in Microsoft Analytics.
  • Trained many government sector and the private sector in data analytics.
  • One of the few Providers of full-day and hands-on Training in the field of Microsoft Data Analytics such as Power BI and AI in New Zealand and in the world.
  • Running full-day courses many times for more than 100 attendees in a room in the USA, Europe, and other countries.
  • Trained more than 1000 customers in the last year on Microsoft data analytics.
  • Author of more than 15 Books in Microsoft Analytics.
  • Invited speakers to World best conferences such as Microsoft Ignite USA (other countries like China, South Korea, and so forth), Microsoft Business Application, PASS Summit, and so forth.
  • Over 800 articles on Microsoft Analytics topics with more than six Million plus readers annually.
  • Gold Partner of Microsoft data Analytics for more than Five years.
  • Running the biggest Microsoft data analytics conference in Australia and New Zealand with many speakers from Microsoft HQ, Community, and around the world (Difinity conference).
  • Authors of more than 40 video courses and 250 hours of content.
  • Award Winner of Power BI All Star 2019 and 2018 (the highest award for Power BI community).
  • Dynamic Emerald award 2020 (The highest Award for Dynamic community members of Power Platform more than 250,000 members).


Microsoft Regional Director
Microsoft MVP award on Data Platform and AI (since 2011)
The highest Dynamic communities award of the year amongst 250+K members
We are Microsoft gold partner in data analytics

Power BI All-Star award winners 2018 and 2019

Our team

6 thoughts on “About Us

  • Hi,
    We are looking out for power bi on premise version. But the power bi premium license cost is huge for us. and even our data is large enough (more than 10 GB of course) so cant use pro version. Another thing we are looking out for on-premise version only.

    If we forget about the data capacity part of it, Is there any way to use power bi pro version on premise, how secure is the data gateway?

    What is the best way for us to work with power bi. Our management is pretty impressed with the power bi interactive dashboards and wish to use it as a part of our product’s reporting.

    Looking out for your reply.


    • Hi Gourangi.
      with Pro; you will have 10GB Space in your power bi account, but every model (*.pbix) file cannot exceed 1GB.
      If your data size is so big, then I suggest using LiveQuery or DirectQuery. Your Power BI functionality will be limited though. but that is the way to go without premium. Data gateway connection is secure. it only requires outbound ports to be open. with LiveQuery or DirectQuery, you can manage your model in SSAS or SQL Server or other supported data sources, and use Power BI just for visualization.

      • Hi Reza,
        Many thanks for your kind reply.
        So you mean to say, If I use live connection to my SSAS cube and still i can use Pro version? So in this case I don’t have to worry about data size part of it.
        Please clarify.


        • Hi,
          With Live connection you can have as big as data set you want. limitation is on your on-premises spec then.

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