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Linked Entities and Computed Entities; Dataflows in Power BI Part 4

Linked Entities and Computed Entities; Dataflows in Power BI Part 4

In previous articles, I explained what is the Dataflow and where to use it, I also explained how to create a dataflow, and what is the common data model. In this article, I’m explaining one of the differences between Dataflow and the Power Query in Power BI Desktop, which is Linked Entities and Computed Entities. ...

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Basics of Time Intelligence in DAX for Power BI; Year to Date, Quarter to Date, Month to Date

Basics of Time Intelligence in DAX for Power BI; Year to Date, Quarter to Date, Month to Date

I have written some articles about advanced use cases of time intelligence but never wrote about it for beginners. as the time intelligence is an important part of many BI solutions, I decided to write about it from the beginning. In this article, first I explain what time intelligence is, and what are the requirements ...

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Workspace V2 of Power BI: What Are Advantages Vs Old Version?

Workspace V2 of Power BI: What Are Advantages Vs Old Version?

Workspace version 2 has been available in Power BI Service for more than 6 months now. The new version introduced in August 2018, however, still many people don’t know what it is, and what is the difference of that with the old version, and the most important question: Should you create the new workspace in ...

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Our Clients Love Us

What our clients say about our service and solutions

  • The workshop run by Reza and Leila was amongst the best I’ve ever done. The pace was just right. Their prepared materials were superb.  I really enjoyed the hands on nature of their training. I learned so much in a short time. I came back to my desk and felt confident enough to start building my own reports.

    I would definitely sign up for their training again!

    Donna MacKenzie Senior Revenue Analyst Massey University
  • We organised a 4 day training event with Reza and Leila from Radacad.

    From the outset they provided great advice on what they could cover and provided a very comprehensive overview for the 25 trainees attending the training. For anyone who is considering PowerBI specifically and want clarity on the best architecture and how to effectively use PowerBI, I strongly recommend contacting Radacad. They gave us a real head start.

    Thanks Reza and Leila.

    Brent Gamble Team leader BI Training and Support – Massey University
  • “Easily the finest quality course I’ve ever attended in my life. Reza  knows PowerBI inside out and it really showed in the extent of topics covered. He was also willing to show me an example on real life data application, and offered further help via email enquiries in the future. Well worth the money and time invested, as PowerBI is definitely the future of Business reporting.”

    Daniel Kastelic – Otago Regional Council
  • I have been using Power BI for around 1 year and I was in love with it the very first day. It was very easy to visualize and bring our data stories to the client’s presentations. During my initial days, I had to use web search or use the Microsoft Power BI forums to find answers to my questions and to explore the tool. On many such occasions, I found Reza’s blog and articles to my rescue. I finally decided to attend the 5 day Power BI : Rookie to Rockstar Course.

    Right from the Day 1 through Day 5, Reza was a professional and a pleasant instructor. He is very approachable and very much flexible even though I was attending the Online Course from United States. The classroom was LIVE from New Zealand. Very thorough in covering all the details mentioned in the curriculum and there was no Question that he could not answer. His expertise and knowledge are second to none. I have learnt a lot with the sessions especially data modeling and DAX functions which I would definitely put to use in the near future at my current job. I would like to thank Reza and his team for the flawless and wonderful sessions. It was very informative.

    Abhi Guruprasad
  • I attended RADACADs “Power BI from Rookie to Rock – Star” course in Auckland from 19-12 Nov 2018. I had a beginner’s knowledge of Power BI, and found the course extremely helpful in understanding what could be done within Power BI. Reza was an excellent instructor, and explained concepts and methods in a clear and concise manner. There were lots of practical examples and exercises provided as part of the course, and Reza was also very helpful and willing to answer any questions we had about improving our existing Power BI reports and dashboards. A very enjoyable course – I highly recommended it.

    Jamie Yim – Senior Business Analyst Enterprise Process
  • Daniel R Tuma, Senior Systems Analyst at Cleveland Metro Schools

    “I spent probably about two weeks looking for a good Microsoft Power BI class that would cover all of the aspects of the program. I wanted to walk away from the class being able to apply what I learned immediately. Most training companies that I looked into were in a state of flux with Power BI mostly due to the transitions that Power BI itself was going through. Then I stumbled on the RADACAD web site. Reza Rad touted a course that he taught named “Power BI, From Rookie to Rock star.” If the class was indeed an A to Z course, then it was exactly what I was looking for. The class outline seemed to include every topic on my checkoff list plus much more. I decided to give Reza a try.

    Reza completely lived up to his hype. He took us through a natural progression of the software, using example after example of how to complete a task. We went through real world scenarios, a bare minimum of two scenarios for each minor topic. I was completely impressed with his Power BI knowledge, understanding and abilities. Any question we came to Reza with was answered completely and with even more examples.

    After the class, my goal of immediately applying what I learned was attained. Right away I was able to successfully pull and massage data, create useful reports and post them to dashboards.

    I would recommend Radacad Power BI Training without hesitation.”

    Daniel R Tuma, Senior Systems Analyst at Cleveland Metro Schools

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