September 15, 2021

Power BI Consulting Call

Get your questions answered, no time to waste, right to the point

Power BI Consulting call is for you to get your questions answered, right to the point

Online call

We jump into a Teams or Zoom call with you shortly. You’ll share your screen and we get right to the problem.

No minimum

There are no minimum hours. If your questions get answered in 5 minutes, that is only 5 minutes of your budget.

No prerequisite

We don’t ask for a documentation or prerequisite from you. We’ll schedule a call with you and work our way to resolve it ASAP.


Our consultants will make sure that this is not just problem solving, but also upskilling you through the work.

Instead of spending a lot of time working on requirements or preparing a document if you want to get your problem resolved, you can ask our team and jump into a call as soon as they are available.

If you have a question about a complex DAX expression, or a Power Query transformation that seems impossible, or a licensing question about Power BI, or how to adopt Power BI in your organization, or architectural advice, or visualization best practice peer review, or anything else in the world of Power BI and Microsoft AI, you can ask our team about it.

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Our team of experts is the best-selling author of over 10 books about Power BI. They are international speakers and Microsoft MVPs, they are Power BI award winners, and they deal with many Power BI challenges from many customers around the world.


Don’t just take our word for it!

Reza does not just know Power BI like the back of his hand, he is the most commercially aware BI person I know.  He understands that companies work in the real world and that data isn’t always clean and needs manipulation for it to work and be useful.  When Reza worked on our project, nothing phased or flustered him, he always came up with solutions for problems that seemed to me insurmountable.  Can’t recommend him enough, invest in Reza as he will not only save you a whole heap of time, but he comes up with long-lasting and very powerful Power BI solutions for your business.

Dan Cheshire

Senior Project Manager Air New Zealand

We have started to use Microsoft Power BI and whilst Microsoft tutorials are helpful, if you are not used to DAX then it is very difficult to get your head around and there is little other resources that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  I had a call with Reza who made my life so much easier in just under an hour!  Any time spent speaking to Reza will be well worth it – I have saved hours of trying to get my head around our dashboards by getting some very useful tips and explanations on why things are done the DAX way!  Not only that but he is very patient and straightforward.  Highly recommended!

Sonia Buckley

Data Analyst at Zoom2u, Sydney, Australia