Month: July 2017

Measure table madness

Posted by on Jul 27, 2017 in Power BI | 2 Comments

Measure tables in Power BI models are a fantastic way to group your calculated measures together in one place and make for a tidy model. Unlike calculated columns, a calculated measure can be placed on any table so long as the best practice of using the table name for every column reference. Power BI desktop ...

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Optimization Problem in Power BI using R scripts: Part 3

As I have discussed before, R is not only for doing Machine Learning (despite it is a really good tools for it), it also can be used for helping managers to so decision support. In the last two posts (Post 1 and 2), I have explained the main concepts behind the optimization problems. Also, how ...

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Optimization Problem in Power BI using R scripts: Part2

In the last post, I have explained the main concepts and usage of “Optimization” problems and “Linear Programming”. In this post, I am going to explain a simple example of solving an optimization problems from [1]. Imagin, we have a company that produce Product 1 and Product 2,  we want to maximize the profit of ...

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Optimization Problem in Power BI using R scripts: Part1

There are some traditional problems in most of industries like how we can reach maximum profit, sales, production or how we can minimize our cost and loos. These types of problems can be seen in different areas such as microeconomic and company management, such as planning, production, transportation, technology . Although the modern management issues ...

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Table with Embedded Chart in Power BI using R

Visualization is any kind of graphical representation that enable us to: Exploration, it help us to get more deep insight through huge amount of data Discovery, It also gives extra vision Analysis, it can be used to find pattern Communication, visualization help us to communicate better A few years ago Dr. Andrew Abela published a good ...

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