How to compare strings based on ASCII code in SSIS

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there were two thread in this week which has issue when compare two strings in SSIS Expressions, for example request was "9:9" < "99" . if you try the above expression in SSIS, you will get True as result. this may seems OK, but requests was to compare them by ASCII character, if you look ...

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SSIS – Sql Server to XML – Save to file

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As you know there is no XML destination in SSIS. so how you can save result of a query from sql server to XML file? Solution is: First Of all you can use FOR XML to get result of query in XML , look at our sample query : SELECT EmployeeID,NationalIDNumber,ContactIDFROM HumanResources.Employee FOR XML RAW(‘Facility’),Root(‘Extract’),Elements  ...

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How to handle Failed Rows in a Data Flow

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suppose this scenario: you have a source table and a destination table, you want to transfer rows from source table to destination table, so you can use simple data flow with OLE DB source and OLE DB Destination. but problem hits when destination table has few rows inside, and there is Unique Constraint in ID ...

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Looping through specific files – SSIS

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As you may know, there is an enuerator in Foreach Loop Container which help you to loop through files, named File Foreach Enumerator. you can specify a location for searching through files and get files as enuerator in loop.But, there are some times which you need to loop through specific files not all of files ...

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XML Task – Changing Style of Data – XSLT

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I wrote about Validation with XML Task in SSIS here before, now I want to write about XSLT in this post. XSLT is an acronym of eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation. XSLT can transform given XML document to new style. this is very good way for reading complex XML documents where XML source has week ability ...

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XML Task – Validating Data

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I decided to explain XML Task for a while. This task has many abilities to work with XML. to use this Task, create a SSIS package , add a XML task ,double click on it, Xml Task Editor window will open.the most important property of XML task is : OperationType .there are 6 OperationTypes in ...

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