Azure Machine Learning with Power BI SandDance Visualization



You’ve seen a number of custom visualizations of Power BI that we’ve used in Power BI online book previously. In this post you will learn through a quick video how SandDance custom visualization of Power BI can be used to visualize clustering result set of an Azure Machine Learning model. In this video I’ll start by using a clustering model in Machine Learning, and then the result set of this model will be feed into Power BI. Power BI SandDance visualization is a dynamic visualization that can demonstrate this data in multiple way. Watch the video to see this wonderful custom visual in action;

Leila Etaati
Dr. Leila Etaati is Principal Data Scientist, BI Consultant, and Speaker. She has over 10 years’ experience working with databases and software systems. She was involved in many large-scale projects for big sized companies. Leila has PhD of Information System department, University of Auckland, MS and BS in computer science. Leila is Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

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