DAX and Conditional Formatting Better Together: Find The Biggest and Smallest Numbers in the Column

  In the previous article, I explained the importance of Conditional formatting and mentioned that having a table with no color coding is not a proper way of giving information to your users. In this article, as the second step; I’m going to show you how to use DAX combined with conditional formatting to only ...

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Basics of Time Intelligence in DAX for Power BI; Year to Date, Quarter to Date, Month to Date

I have written some articles about advanced use cases of time intelligence but never wrote about it for beginners. as the time intelligence is an important part of many BI solutions, I decided to write about it from the beginning. In this article, first I explain what time intelligence is, and what are the requirements ...

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SUM vs SUMX; What is the Difference of the two DAX Functions in Power BI?

Sum and Sumx are functions that often founded to be misleading for many Power BI users. As both functions are doing the aggregation, it seems a bit confusing what is the actual difference between these two. There are many blog posts and articles about each function. I always explain the difference with simple demos in ...

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UseRelationship or Role-Playing Dimension; Dealing with Inactive Relationships in Power BI

In a Power BI model, relationships are important for passing filters, filter propagates through relationships. However, sometimes you create the relationship between two tables, and the relationship is a dashed line. In this post, I’ll explain to you everything you need to know about a dashed relationship, or as it called Inactive relationship. I will ...

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Quick DAX : Word count

Posted by on Oct 13, 2018 in DAX, Power BI | 9 Comments

Here is a technique you might consider if you need to split text down to individual words.  This could be used to help count, rank or otherwise aggregate the words in some longer text.  The approach detailed here uses spaces as a delimiter and will not be tripped up if multiple spaces are used between ...

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