Creating a Shared Dimension in Power BI Using Power Query: Basics and Foundations of Modeling

For a data warehouse professional, a shared dimension concept is always clear, and a star schema design always includes such type of entity. However, in the Power BI user’s world, there are many users who are not coming from a data warehousing background. It is necessary to understand some of the concepts in order to ...

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Road Map to use Microsoft ML tools

I normally work with most of the Microsoft tools for the aim of doing machine learning. I came up with a roadmap that shows what option for machine learning we have with Microsoft tools in Data Platform. this roadmap is not completed yet, I need to update it one later with some tools such azure ...

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Data Preparation; First and Foremost Important Task in Power BI

I’ve talked about Data Preparation many times in conferences such as PASS Summit, BA Conference, and many other conferences. Every time I talk about this I realize how much more I need to explain this. Data Preparation tips are basic, but very important. In my opinion as someone who worked with BI systems more than ...

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