Format String Issue of SSAS Measures in Excel Front-End

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Most of you faced such situation that you’ve set the FormatString property of your measures in the cube from BIDS or SSDT, But when you browser the cube in Excel you will not see that format.

Let’s say you applied format string to add thousands separator, two decimal points, and dollar sign to your Amount measure. But in Excel you just see the number without any formatting.

Solution is easy, you would require to change Connection Properties in Excel.

Assume that you’ve changed FormatString property of your measure in the Properties window in SSDT or BIDS

With the default Excel configuration you might get format string like this:

But this is not what you configured, and what you expected is something formatted with thousand separator, decimal points, and dollar sign.


So in Excel go to Data tab, then Open existing connection, go to Properties, and check the  OLAP Server Formatting section. if you want to fetch formatting from OLAP cube check appropriate checkbox here.

Now you will see result formatted as you configured:

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