How to create Polar Charts



In this post I am going to show how to create a polar chart using R codes inside Power BI.

imagin that we have below dataset about 4 main groups and their related values.


I am going to show you how to draw different polar charts with different shapes.

imagin that we have a bar chart created from below codes, first, I am using “ggplo2” package for this aim.Next, in aes function , x axis will have the group name, y axis will have the value of each group, and the fill color has the group name. then I used geom_bar function to draw a simple bar chart

the result of running the code in Power BI is below chart:


Now, I am going to change the chart into a simple polar chart, first based on Y axis value then based on x axis value.

y-axis polar chart


I just add a layer to the above furmula “coord_polar()” this function also has been used for creating pie charts. it gets the “theta” variable, in below example I put theta=y axis, so we have below charts



X- axis Value

I able also to change the theta varibale to x axis to have a chart based on x,

I wrote below codes

the result of runig the above code would be below chart, as you see the bar chart has been change to a polar bar chart.


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