Power BI Announcements in Data&BI Summit 2018 Dublin Keynote

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I am seating in the front row of keynote for Data and BI Summit 2018 in Dublin ran by Dynamic Communities. There will be some great announcements today about upcoming Power BI features. Here in this blog post I will list these features.

Incremental Refresh

The most wanted feature of Power BI for refreshing data incrementally is demonstrated. This is a Premium Only feature! This feature brings heaps of improvements into the Power BI development environment. This is a screenshot of incremental load configuration:

As an example Amanda demonstrated the dataset with more than 2 billion rows which happened to refresh fairly quicly with incremental load.

Drillthrough Filter Now can Pass All Filters

Drillthrough filter needs every single field that you want to be passed from the master page to the details page to be added under drillthrough filter. Now, you can pass all filters with a simple option.

Common Data Services for Analytics (CDSA) – Data Pool

Common Data Services for analytics is a cutting edge feature for Power BI. With this feature you can add analytics from data sources into a Data Pool. Data pool will leverage Power Query online to load data into a common data services model. The common data services model then can be used in Power BI desktop as a source.

Data Pool

Power Query Online

Mapping to the CDS entities

Connecting to Data Pool from Power BI Desktop

There will be more detailed information about these in separate sessions in this conference, I will updated this post with more details and screenshots. Hope you enjoyed these new features as much as I did 🙂

Reza Rad
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