Power BI Desktop May 2016 Update; Quick Check

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Power BI Desktop May 2016 Update is out now, and there is still no official announcement in Power BI blog for it, however Koen already posted a blog post about it. Just to name a few major updates; Conditional Formatting, Quick Calc, and Three new standard measures. Here are my first glance view of these features;

Conditional Formatting

you can now click on a column added to a table’s field, and choose Conditional Formatting


then you can format it as you want.


Quick Calc

This allows you to create quick measures


and you can show it in a percentage of total if you want


This helps you to create charts with percentage as an extra axis


Three New Measures; Standard Deviation, Median, and Variance



For now these were updates that I’ve noticed, I’ll update this post later with new features in this version.



Reza Rad
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