Presentation files for Hong Kong TechDays 2013 : Knowledge Driven Data Quality with DQS and Microsoft SQL Server 2012

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Thank you all for attending at my presentation in TechDays 2013 Hong Kong at evening of 3rd day of conference.

here you can find presentation file of my speaking session about Knowledge Driven Data Quality with DQS and Microsoft SQL Server 2012


 Knowledge Driven Data Quality with DQS and Microsoft SQL Server 2012


Knowledge based driven technology recently used in the new
service of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 named Data Quality Services (DQS). DQS
provides Data Quality based on knowledge base and domains created and the
matching technology. In every enterprise system Data Quality is an important
challenge and DQS comes to help beside other Data Cleansing methods (like Fuzzy
matching and Regular Expressions). In this session a brief explanation of how
to work with Data Quality Services to solve some samples of Data Quality will
be illustrated. DQS also will be more powerful when combines with SSIS and MDS.
This session will cover samples of that combination as well.

Presentation slides for download: Driven Data Quality with DQS in SQL Server 2012.pdf

Reza Rad
Reza Rad is an Author, Trainer, Speaker and DW/BI Consultant. He has a BSc in Computer engineering; he has more than 15 years’ experience in databases, programming and development mostly on Microsoft technologies. He is a Microsoft MVP in Data Platform for seven continues years (from 2011 till now) for his dedication in Microsoft BI. He is author of some SQL Server and BI books, and also Power BI online book; from Rookie to Rock Star.

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