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I have to first and foremost thanks to all attendees to my session at PASS Business Analytics 2016 conference, It was pleasure to have you all. Some of you mentioned that you are already using some contents from my blog which is great, and I’m humbled to hear this. I’ll definitly do more effort to put contents more regularly on my blog.

Session Title: Data Preparation is the Keystone

Session Description

Prepare to be amazed with what you can achieve using Power Query in this demo-heavy session. Power Query is the data extraction, transformation, and mash up tool. It can be accessed through Excel or from Power BI Desktop. There are numerous data transformation features that can be used to solve real-world data preparation challenges.

We will use customer case studies to go through scenarios of preparing data for modelling, and visualization. You will learn how to use features of Power Query such as generators, custom functions, and lots of built-in functions to solve those scenarios. You will also learn some data preparation techniques through Excel itself.

Slides to download


Codes and Examples

I’ve showed you some examples of using Power Query, and here I have explained them all one-by-one through walkthrough, so read below posts to learn exactly how to build those;



Don’t hesitate to ask me any question here. I’ll be more than happy to answer.

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