Azure ML Part 6: A Machine Learning Prediction scenario (3)

In previous posts (Part 4 and Part 5), I have explained some of the main components of Azure ML via a prediction scenario. In post one the process of data cleaning (using SQL Transformation, Cleaning Missing Value, Select specific Columns, and Edit Meta Data)  has been explained. and in the second Post, I have explained how to apply ...

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K-mean clustering In R, writing R codes inside Power BI: Part 6

In the previous post,I have explained the main concepts and process behind the K-mean clustering algorithm. Now I am going to use this algorithm for classifying my Fitbit data in power BI.   as I have explained in part 5, I gathered theses data from Fitbit application and I am going to cluster them using ...

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Azure Machine Learning Part 3: Data Transformation in R

In previous post I have explained how to import data into Azure ML environment. In this part,I will show how to do data cleaning, data transformation in Azure ML environment. The second step in machine learning process is bout collecting (Part 2), cleaning and loading data (current part). Azure ML has different components for data ...

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Azure Machine Learning Part 2: Azure ML Environment

In the previous post, the main concepts of Machine Learning has been explained very briefly. However, if we want to talk about Machine Learning, it needs to read a whole book. In the second part, I am going to show the main Azure ML environment and its essential components. Azure ML has two type of ...

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Azure Machine Learning Part 1: Introduction

In this series, I will talk about Microsoft cloud machine learning: Azure ML. I will explain the main components and concepts of Azure ML. In the first post, I will talk about the Machine Learning concepts and Azure ML. What is Machine Learning: Machine learning according to Wikipedia is: “subfield of computer science that gives ...

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Prediction via KNN (K Nearest Neighbours) KNN Power BI: Part 3

K Nearest Neighbour (KNN ) is one of those algorithms that are very easy to understand and it has a good level of accuracy in practice. In Part One of this series, I have explained the KNN concepts. In Part 2 I have explained the R code for KNN, how to write R code and how ...

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Make Business Decisions: Market Basket Analysis Part 1

Posted by on Feb 14, 2017 in Analytics, Azure Machine Learning | 3 Comments

Market Basket analysis (Associative rules), has been used for finding the purchasing customer behavior in shop stores to show the related item that have been sold together. This approach is not just used for marketing related products, but also for finding rules in health care, policies, events management and so forth. In this Post I will ...

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DMX with .Net-Part 1

Posted by on May 26, 2015 in Data Mining | No Comments

Predictions always matter; it is always nice to find a pattern in existing data. It will help to have a more accurate decision-making. These days, I am busy with designing and implementing a prototype for tourist recommendation system. I need to use variety of data mining algorithm such as “clustering” “Decision Tree”, “Regression”, “Neural Network”. ...

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Codecamp Christchurch 2015 SQL and BI Stream Highlights

Posted by on May 16, 2015 in Events | No Comments

Codecamp Christchurch 2015 ran today on Christchurch Poly-technique of Technology. I’ve joined the even in last minutes when the agenda was full set, so I only joined as audience. There was a really good turnout for the codecamp about 200 registered. Three streams ran on Software Development, SQL/BI, and SharePoint. 5 sessions in each stream. ...

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