Temporal Tables and Their Roles in ETL and Data Warehouse

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It is my pleasure to speak in PASS 24 Hours session for Evolution of Data Platform on the topic above. I look forward to meet you all in this webinar. registration is free, but limited. So reserve your seat now. Here are some information about my session and 24HOP.


24 Hours of PASS is the virtual PASS conference that happens in 24 consecutive hours, 1 session each hour; that makes 24 sessions in 24 hours! Amazing, isn’t it? If you haven’t been in such conference I have to tell that this is a marathon for you. Many great sessions from great speakers around the world on particular topic. Once you join you want to be involved in all. You will be surprised by the amount of high level content presented in this 24 hours.

Next 24HOP is dedicated to Evolution of Data Platform, means SQL Server 2016, Cortana Intelligence, Azure ML, R, Azure HD Insight, Hadoop and more. It is my pleasure to speak in this 24HOP on a data warehouse/ETL topic, and I invite all of you to join if you are interested to learn new features of SQL Server 2016 for Temporal Tables and its role in ETL and DW.

My Session: Temporal Tables and Their Roles in ETL and Data Warehouse



Temporal tables are new type of database tables introduced in SQL Server 2016, these tables are system-versioned and keep history of changes (insert, delete, update) of everything happened on data rows. Retrieving change log from these tables are easy. These tables can simply tell you what was the data at specific point of the time in the table. These tables works with datetime2 columns to keep FROM DATE and TO DATE information of each change. This means these tables can be used for implementing changes in dimensions, yes you know what it called; Slowly Changing Dimension!

In this session you will learn how Temporal Tables works, and you will also learn through live demos how to use it in your Data Warehouse for Slowly Changing Dimension. You also learn some tips and tricks when you work with Temporal Tables for SCD implementation.

Date and Time

26 May 2016 00:00 GMT

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