Unleash Security Patterns in Power BI; Webinar Recording and Materials


Thanks to all attendees of my Power BI webinar last Friday. I hope you all enjoyed it. I explained a number of the most common row level security patterns in Power BI with some DAX expressions, in this post you will find the description of webinar, recording, and link to all demos and materials. Although the webinar was in Friday, as of right now it had 2000 views already.  I hope sharing this content gives you a lot more insight about row level security in Power BI.

Unleash Security Patterns in Power BI

Security is different from Sharing, Sharing is about sharing the entire content with others, security is about authorizing different views of the content to others. In this session we go through many different Row Level Security patterns; Static Row Level Security, Dynamic Row Level Security, and many variations of the dynamic RLS, such as giving manager access as well as employee access, you will learn about user profile security scenarios, and hierarchical access levels. This session shows you how DAX and Power BI security comes together to play an important part of a Power BI project lifecycle: Row Level Security.


Link to demos and blog posts

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Static Row Level Security

The logic of security is static in the role definition, we call it Static Row Level Security. to learn more about it, read this blog post.

Row Level Security in SSAS Live Connection

In this case, the Power BI Report connected live to an SSAS model. the username will pass through effective username connection information, to learn more about it, read this post.

Dynamic Row Level Security

When you have too many roles, then implementing static roles is not an option. You need to create one role and maintain the logic of security within the data model. This is called Dynamic row level security. To learn more about this, read this blog post.

Manager Level Access in Dynamic RLS

Sometimes you need the manager to have access to all data. This post explains how to do it.

Dynamic Row Level Security with Users and Profiles

When each user can be part of multiple profiles, or each profile can have many users. This many to many situation creates a different approach for row level security. This post explains in details how that method of security can be implemented.

Dynamic Row Level Security with Organizational Hierarchy

When each user needs to see their own data, and their manager to see data of people under his hierarchy. This post explains in details how that method of security can be implemented.


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