Capitalize Function (Version 2.0) – T-SQL

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Hi folks, I’ve changed the t-sql code for Capitalize function, the previous capitalize function worked only if there is one space between words, but this version works even if there be more than one space between words. with this version of Capitalize; you can run the function like this: select dbo.Capitalize(‘st    charles‘) and this ...

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SSAS Dimension Processing: Be Careful about Case Sensitivity

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Hi folks, Yesterday I faced a situation in one of SSAS cubes, which dimension processing was failed because it found two different members with different attribute values, like Auckland and auckland ! I found out that reason of this problem is SSAS dimension will inherits its collation from underlying database and if you don’t change ...

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T-SQL Function for Capitalize Word and Sentences

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Hi folks, Today I faced a situation that I need to capitalize sentences in one column of a SQL Server database table, so I created a function to do that, I put this here to share with you. this function will change sentences like  : select dbo.Capitalize(‘sample text for capitalization!‘) to : Sample Text For Capitalization! Here ...

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SSIS 2012 Tutorial Vidoes – 1 : Introduction

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Hi folks, I started to create a full set of tutorial videos for SSIS 2012 here. You can view the first video (Introduction to SQL Server 2012 Integration Services) here. This video covers below headlines: Introduction to SQL Server 2012 Integration Services        Requirements for a Tool        ETL        What is SSIS        Which ...

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