Visualizing Data Distribution in Power BI – Histogram and Norm Curve -Part 2

In the Part 1 I have explained some of the main statistics measure such as Minimum, Maximum, Median, Mean, First Quantile, and Third Quantile. Also, I have show how to draw them in Power BI, using R codes. (we have Boxplot as a custom visual in power BI see : ). However, to see the data ...

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Welcome to Our New Force! Philip Seamark

Posted by on May 26, 2017 in News | One Comment

We are excited to announce that Philip Seamark joined our team. As part of our fast growing plan it is a pleasure to welcome Phil who is Microsoft Data Platform MVP and leader of Power BI user group in Wellington. Considering Leila, Reza, and Phil, RADACAD now have three MVPs in panel which are dedicated ...

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Want to Join RADACAD? We are Hiring

Posted by on May 13, 2017 in Career, News | No Comments

Yes, you’ve heard it right. We are growing fast, and we need YOU to join us. Joining us means; 5 weeks paid annual leave One overseas conference Access to the most comprehensive training course of Power BI; from Rookie to Rock Star Access to full complete training course of Advanced Analytics Access to many video ...

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K-mean clustering In R, writing R codes inside Power BI: Part 6

In the previous post,I have explained the main concepts and process behind the K-mean clustering algorithm. Now I am going to use this algorithm for classifying my Fitbit data in power BI.   as I have explained in part 5, I gathered theses data from Fitbit application and I am going to cluster them using ...

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Clustering Concepts , writing R codes inside Power BI: Part 5

Sometimes we just need to see the natural trend and behaviour of data without doing any predictions. we just want to check how our business data can be naturally grouped. According to the Wikipedia , Cluster analysis or clustering is the task of grouping a set of objects in such a way that objects in the same group (called a cluster) ...

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