AI Builder: AI Embedded in Power Apps- Part 1

There is a new announcement in the Business Application Summit about AI Builder!

So what is AI Builder?

Power Apps has been here for a while, it helps none developer people create their own application using Office 365 account, Power Apps has the ability to get data from 100 resources, create an application with multiple pages for mobile or tablet. I am not going to talk about how it is awesome you can find about it here.

One of the exiting that announces recently was about the ability to do machine learning in Power Apps!

just a flashback about this,

A couple of months ago, I start to write some blog post about how we able to create a smart application for face recognition, OCR, Image tag and so forth, you can find them from here:

Image and Activity Processing Application with Cognitive Service, Power Apps and Microsoft Flow

Face Recognition Application with Power Apps, Microsoft Flow and Cognitive Service -Part 4

Image Processing- Invoice recording using Power App, Microsoft Flow and Cognitive Service- Part 3

The process was not that easy for everyone! ( much easier than writing c# codes of course) but still, you need to connect to Flow, create an account in cognitive service and then connect them all together


For instance, for the OCR application, we need to follow the following process


Now a big change happen, and all of those come in one place,

No need to create Microsoft Flow, no need to create a cognitive service account and all integrated into Power Apps!

the reason I use the Microsft Flow ( suggested by Paul O’Flaherty) was cognitive services was accessible in MS Flow,

so in AI Builder, we already have access to cognitive services, no need to create a new cognitive service account, I call it all-inclusive 😀

How to access it and other related question about using it

1- It is a preview feature ( not good for production yet)

2- You need to select an environment that is based on Europe or the US ( not other region is activated)

3- Click on the setting and then Admin Center


Then in the environment page, add a new environment

for more information check the below link 

What we can do here


a binary prediction such as the customer stays with us or not, do we get the new offer or not, should we give the loan or not….all two situation prediction can be categorized in this group. (Next Blog post)




Form Processor

the form Processor is a new service in Cognitive Services (see from here) that able to be trained to learn a form and extract each part ( cell) of the form content. This makes life easy to create an application that able to take pictures of the forms and extract its different elements. ( I will write a post on it soon)


Text Classification


This service helps you to tag and find the main elements of the text you have from your customer or in company documents. “Text classification is one of the fundamental natural language processing (NLP) problems. It allows tagging of text entries with tags or labels that can be used for sentiment analysis, spam detection, and routing customer requests, just to name a few examples.

and finally

Object Detection

Object detection, allows you to detect the object based on your company nature. train the model based on the imported picture then, you able to create an application to detect the object.


exciting features, I will write posts about all of them and how to use them soon in RADACAD.


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