SQL Server 2012 Finally

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Hi folks, Finally SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch event comes at 7th of Mar 2012, go here to find more: www.sqlserverlaunch.com?WT.mc_id=otc-n-ca-loc–40210 I will be there also to help you and would be happy to meet you and show you SQL Server 2012 great new features.

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SQL Server 2012 Future Exams

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Hi folks, Seems SQL Server 2012 beta exams will be available soon, but actual exams will be released at June 2012. The BI part seems to be much more design and architecture oriented in these new exams, and I am happy for that. Because current BI exams are completely technology and tool oriented. These are ...

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Microsoft SQL Server MVP Award for 2012

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Few minutes ago I received the MVP Award email from Microsoft. this is my second year as SQL Server MVP. I believe that this award achieved because of my dedication in Microsoft BI Stack and SSIS. I like to thanks from all friends, other SQL Server MVPs and my dear Leila I want to use ...

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My Submitted Sessions for SqlBits 10

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Dear folks, I’ve submitted two sessions in SqlBits 10, with these topics: SSIS Programming; SSIS Can Do Everything! Boost SSIS power with XML Topics are in one hour sessions details of each topic are : SSIS Programming; SSIS Can Do Everything! Level: 400 Description: SSIS is a RAD tool and many SSIS Developers only need ...

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Regular Expression in SSIS

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Regular Expressions are very useful expressions for text processing there are many usages like validation a text against a pattern or find appropriate parts of text with defined patterns which can be solved with Regular Expressions. To find out more about Regular Expressions read here. Today I find a simple case of such things in ...

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Notify Operator Task – SSIS

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Messaging is one of the most useful features of SSIS. Actually if you want to make a robust and fault tolerant package you need to design logging on errors and warnings properly. there are some options for send notifications in SSIS; Send Mail Task, Script Task ( scripting exactly any type of message ) and ...

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T-SQL Gregorian To Persian Converter

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There are lots of times which you need a "Gregorian to Persian ( Shamsi ) Converter" in t-sql. below code will convert gregorian date string for example 2011-08-25 to persian or shamsi date string for example 1390-06-03 . just note this code will work on sql server 2005 or above because I used the Floor ...

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I will Speak at SqlBits

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I will speak at SqlBits 9 At Liverpool about "Programming SSIS" The SqlBits 9 will start from 29 September to 1 October 2011 at Liverpool Adelphi Hotel. Full Agenda of event listed here. My Speaking session is at Saturday, 1st of October at 10:50 AM, with the "Programming SSIS" title. this is a short overview ...

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