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T-SQL Gregorian To Persian Converter

There are lots of times which you need a "Gregorian to Persian ( Shamsi ) Converter" in t-sql. below code will convert gregorian date string for example 2011-08-25 to persian or shamsi date string for example 1390-06-03 . just note this code will work on sql server 2005 or above because I used the Floor Read more about T-SQL Gregorian To Persian Converter[…]

SSIS Upsert With Lookup Transform

This is a very common question everywhere; how can I check if data is exists in destination table then update it, otherwise insert new records. This Scenario named Upsert in common ( Update / Insert ), there are lots of ways to do it, but in this post I’ll describe how to do it with Read more about SSIS Upsert With Lookup Transform[…]

My Submitted Sessions to SqlBits

Dear friends, I’ve submitted two sessions at http://www.sqlbits.com  for 29th September to 1st October 2011 at Liverpool. sessions are open to vote already, and you can vote any sessions you like, for voting you can go here and vote from 108 sessions. my submitted sessions are : Programming SSIS SSIS Programming seems to be a Read more about My Submitted Sessions to SqlBits[…]

SSIS Audit Transformation

The Audit Transformation in SSIS Data Flow task purposed to fetch some of system variables besides data stream columns to create a log for data stream,  You can audit transformation with source columns to have columns data besides audit information like guid of package, name of data flow task, time of execution and few other Read more about SSIS Audit Transformation[…]

SQL Server Indirect Configuration – SSIS

SSIS Configuration is a handy option in SSIS deployment. there are lots of scenarios which can be implement with SSIS Configuration. in this post I don’t want to explain what configuration is , you can read more about it here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms141682.aspx There are two types of configuration: Direct and Indirect. in Direct configuration, the configuration Read more about SQL Server Indirect Configuration – SSIS[…]

Minimum Requirement To Execute SSIS Package

A very common question is that :  what is minimal requirements for run a package? Minimal Requirements to run SSIS package is : DTEXEC which can be installed with Integration Service at the SQL Server setup media. Note that you should Install Integration Services, because if you install DTEXEC without Integration Service then you will Read more about Minimum Requirement To Execute SSIS Package[…]

Deployment Storage Options for SSIS Package

There are 3 different storage types for SSIS packages when you want to deploy a SSIS package from BIDS with Save a copy of package as ….  These Different types are: SQL Server File System SSIS Package Store each of these types described as below; SSIS Package Locations when you want to deploy package from Read more about Deployment Storage Options for SSIS Package[…]