Capitalize Function (Version 2.0) – T-SQL

Hi folks,

I’ve changed the t-sql code for Capitalize function, the previous capitalize function worked only if there is one space between words, but this version works even if there be more than one space between words.

with this version of Capitalize;

you can run the function like this:

select dbo.Capitalize(‘st    charles‘)

and this is a sample result:

St Charles

I used this code to replace multiple spaces with one space.

and the result is the Capitalize function that works on words or sentences and even if there are multiple spaces in the input.

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[Capitalize]


@text varchar(max)


RETURNS varchar(max)



declare @outputtext varchar(max)

declare @spaceCount int

declare @counter int

declare @term varchar(max)

declare @index int

declare @spaceIndex int

set @outputtext=”

set @text=ltrim(rtrim(@text))

while charindex(‘  ‘,@text)>0

set @text=replace(@text,’  ‘,’ ‘)

set @spaceCount= len(@text)-len(replace(@text,’ ‘,”))

set @counter=0

set @index=1

while @counter<=@spaceCount


if @index<>1 


set @index=@index+1


set @spaceIndex=charindex(‘ ‘,@text,@index)

if @spaceIndex=0


set @spaceIndex=len(@text)+1


if @index<>1


set @outputtext= @outputtext+’ ‘+ UPPER(substring(@text,@index,1))+LOWER(substring(@text,@index+1,(@spaceIndex-@index)-1))




set @outputtext= @outputtext+ UPPER(substring(@text,@index,1))+LOWER(substring(@text,@index+1,(@spaceIndex-@index)-1))


set @counter=@counter+1

set @index=@spaceIndex


— Return the result of the function

RETURN @outputtext


you can run the function like this:

select dbo.Capitalize(‘st    charles’)

and this is a sample result:

St Charles

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