Ignite 2018 Interviews by Reza Rad; Power BI and AI

I’ve been honored and had the opportunity to have an interview with some great minds in Ignite 2018. Just to mention a few; it was the discussion about all new Power BI and AI features announced at Microsoft Ignite 2018 conference. In this post, you will see the link to all my 14 interviews of Read more about Ignite 2018 Interviews by Reza Rad; Power BI and AI[…]

Analytics in HDInsight

  Azure HDInsight is an open-source analytics and cloud base service. Azure HDInsight is easy, fast, and cost-effective for processing the massive amounts of data. There are many different use case scenarios for HDInsight such as extract, transform, and load (ETL), data warehousing, machine learning, IoT and so forth. The main benefit of using HDInsight Read more about Analytics in HDInsight[…]

Data Science Virtual Machine

  Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) is a virtual machine on the Azure cloud that is customized for doing data science. DSVM has some pre-configured and pre-install tools that help users to build the AI applications. DSVM will assist data science team to access a consistent setup. In this post, a brief introduction to DSVM Read more about Data Science Virtual Machine[…]

Cognitive Services in Power BI

Microsoft Cognitive services are collections of API and services that help developers to create more smart applications and reports.  By using Cognitive services, developers able to add intelligence features such as face recognition, emotion recognition, text analytics and so forth into their applications. Cognitive Services Overview There are different cognitive services available that you can Read more about Cognitive Services in Power BI[…]

Microsoft Bot -Part2: Create a Question and Answer

In the last post, I have shown how to create a simple Bot. In this post, I am going to show how to create a Question and Answer Bot and embed it in a website. To start you need to create a Web App Bot in Microsoft Azure with Bot Template as Question and Answer. After creating the Read more about Microsoft Bot -Part2: Create a Question and Answer[…]

Live Machine Learning in Azure Stream Analytics-part 1

Azure Stream Analytics is an event-processing engine that allows users to analyze high volumes of data streaming from devices, sensors, and applications. Azure Stream Analytics can be used for Internet of Things (IoT) real-time analytics, remote monitoring and data inventory controls. However, Azure Stream Analytics is another component in Azure, that we were able to Read more about Live Machine Learning in Azure Stream Analytics-part 1[…]

Azure data Bricks – Part2

In the last post, I have explained how to work with Azure Databricks. In this post, I will show: 1- Upload data in Azure data Lake Store 2- get data from Azure Data Lake Store into Azure Data Bricks 3-clean Data with Scala language 4- visualizes with R language 5- Predictive Analysis with R In Read more about Azure data Bricks – Part2[…]

Azure data Bricks – Part1

Databricks is an analytics service based on the Apache Spark open source project. Databricks has been used for ingesting a significant amount of data. In February 2018, there is integration between Azure and Databricks. This integration provides data science and data engineer team with a fast, easy and collaborative spark-based platform in Azure [1]. Azure Read more about Azure data Bricks – Part1[…]

R In Azure Data Lake- Part1- Sample Data

Azure Data Lake store is one of the components in Microsoft cloud, that helps the developers, data scientists and analyst to store any data size, shape, and speed. Azure Data Lake is optimized for processing large amounts of data; it provides parallel processing with optimum performance. In Azure data lake we can create hierarchy data Read more about R In Azure Data Lake- Part1- Sample Data[…]

Create Custom Visual with R and JSON- Part 4

In the last Post, I have explained some parts of creating Custom visual such as how to create an icon, name of visual, and the how-to allocates fields to a custom visual. There are some other settings that need to be set up beforehand as well. the number of data fields you able to pass to Read more about Create Custom Visual with R and JSON- Part 4[…]