Microsoft Machine Learning Technologies Overview Artificial intelligence and specifically Machine learning can bring lots of benefit to the business owner. Many businesses using Microsoft data platform tools for many years. Microsoft employed machine learning in creating their products such as Xbox, Bing Search and so forth for a while. However, from 2014 they start to Read more about OVERVIEW ON MICROSOFT MACHINE LEARNING TOOLS[…]

Analytics in HDInsight

  Azure HDInsight is an open-source analytics and cloud base service. Azure HDInsight is easy, fast, and cost-effective for processing the massive amounts of data. There are many different use case scenarios for HDInsight such as extract, transform, and load (ETL), data warehousing, machine learning, IoT and so forth. The main benefit of using HDInsight Read more about Analytics in HDInsight[…]

Azure data Bricks – Part2

In the last post, I have explained how to work with Azure Databricks. In this post, I will show: 1- Upload data in Azure data Lake Store 2- get data from Azure Data Lake Store into Azure Data Bricks 3-clean Data with Scala language 4- visualizes with R language 5- Predictive Analysis with R In Read more about Azure data Bricks – Part2[…]

Azure data Bricks – Part1

Databricks is an analytics service based on the Apache Spark open source project. Databricks has been used for ingesting a significant amount of data. In February 2018, there is integration between Azure and Databricks. This integration provides data science and data engineer team with a fast, easy and collaborative spark-based platform in Azure [1]. Azure Read more about Azure data Bricks – Part1[…]

R In Azure Data Lake- Part1- Sample Data

Azure Data Lake store is one of the components in Microsoft cloud, that helps the developers, data scientists and analyst to store any data size, shape, and speed. Azure Data Lake is optimized for processing large amounts of data; it provides parallel processing with optimum performance. In Azure data lake we can create hierarchy data Read more about R In Azure Data Lake- Part1- Sample Data[…]

Road Map to use Microsoft ML tools

I normally work with most of the Microsoft tools for the aim of doing machine learning. I came up with a roadmap that shows what option for machine learning we have with Microsoft tools in Data Platform. this roadmap is not completed yet, I need to update it one later with some tools such azure Read more about Road Map to use Microsoft ML tools[…]

File Managment in Azure Data Lake Store(ADLS) using R Studio

In this post, I am going to share my experiment in how to do file management in ADLS using with R studio environment, So how it works? we able to manage ADLS from Rstudio environment using R scripts, so without accessing the ADLS we able to manage the portal, bring Data from ADLS to R Read more about File Managment in Azure Data Lake Store(ADLS) using R Studio[…]

How to generate 1 billion rows using U-SQL

I was interested in generating some dummy data to do some load testing in MS Azure and came up with a pretty nifty way to generate lots and lots of data using U-SQL.  The tip is to simply create a small U-SQL custom generator and use it to extract from a dummy file. First I Read more about How to generate 1 billion rows using U-SQL[…]

Taking a byte out of U-SQL

I recently had a requirement to combine a set of approx. 100 CSV files into a single file and encountered an interesting problem along the way. The files all had the same simple structure which was 2 columns.  I thought this would make a pretty straight forward exercise – until I started processing the files. I Read more about Taking a byte out of U-SQL[…]