Business Understanding for Machine Learning – Descriptive Analysis

Business Understanding Business understanding is the main and first step for doing machine learning in any platform or languages. Not all business problem can be addressed by machine learning approaches. There are some proposed categories for machine learning such as “Supervised Learning” and “Un-Supervised Learning”. Supervised Learning is about when we identify both input and Read more about Business Understanding for Machine Learning – Descriptive Analysis[…]

Python Programming-Environment

Python is one of the famous programming languages and it is so common for Machine Learning. It is a multi-purpose language that has been leveraged with the aim of device programming, object-oriented programming, machine learning and so forth. In this post, I will introduce some of the common Python IDE programming environment for the aim of Read more about Python Programming-Environment[…]

Azure ML workbench-Data Wrangling -Part 3

In the last posts, I have explained how to install Azure ML workbench and how to run a sample and check the accuracy. In this post, I am going to show how to do data wrangling using Azure ML workbench. Just click on the left menu, on the database icon. There are 2 separate groups Read more about Azure ML workbench-Data Wrangling -Part 3[…]