Difinity is the largest Microsoft Data Platform, Business Intelligence, and Analytics Conference in New Zealand. 20+ speakers from Microsoft product team, MVPs (Microsoft Most Value Professional), MCMs (Microsoft Certified Master), and many well-known International speakers will speak in this conference. IT Decision Makers, Developers, Analysts, IT Professionals, Database Administrators, Architects, and Consultants will gather for three consecutive days of learning in this conference.


7th Feb, 2017: 3 different Full day workshops

Matt Masson: Senior Program Manager in Microsoft Power BI team and Former Program Manager of SSIS Team (SSIS born with his efforts), USA. Will talk about the “SSIS Performance Design Patterns”

Allan Hirt: Microsoft MVP and SQL Server expert consultant, published author, International speaker, and trainer, Boston, USA. He has a full day session on “Architecting Highly Available SQL Server Solutions”.

Rob Farley: He is Microsoft MVP, MCM, MVP, MCT, PDW Trainer. He runs LobsterPot Solutions, Australia. He will talk about the “Plan-First Querying – Writing Queries to Suit the Optimizer”.

Leila Etaati: She is Microsoft MVP, and PhD. She is Data Scientist and Consultant in RADACAD. She will talk about the “Advance Analytics with R, Azure Machine Learning, Power BI and Microsoft R server”.

8 and 9th Feb, 2017

We have 20+ speakers talking about various topic in SQL Server Database Administration (DBA), Business Intelligence (BI), and Data Science (DS) with Microsoft Products.

List of sessions:

Session topic Speaker Name
Building a Centralized Database Maintenance and Monitoring Solution, (DBA) Manohar Punna (MVP, Australia)
Building Data Models with Many to Many Relationships in Power Pivot/Tabular Data Models (BI) Matt Allington (MVP, Australia)
Strategies to Get Maximum Concurrency for Your Workload in SQL Server(DEV) Sunil Agarwal (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation, USA)
Enable Operational Analytics in SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database (DS)  
The Rise and Fall of DBM (DBA) Warwick Rudd (MVP and MCM, Australia)
SQL Server Backup in the Era of the Clouds (DBA) Tobiasz Koprowski (MVP from UK)
SQL Security in the Cloud Tobiasz Koprowski (MVP from UK)
SSIS 2016: new features; DevOps, SSISDB Catalog and hybrid Azure implementations (BI) Jean Van Schalkwyk (New Zealand)
Taking DWH design to the next level with Data Vault (BI) Robert Blaas (New Zealand)
From Inception to Production – bringing Continuous Delivery to the Database (DBA) Hamish Watson (New Zealand)
A Few of my Favourite Plan Operators (DEV) Rob Farley (MVP, MCA, MCT and MCM, Australia)
Table-Splitting Headaches (DEV) Rob Farley (MVP and MCM, Australia)
Get Near Realtime ETL with Service Broker (DBA) Allen White (MVP, USA)
Maintain SQL Server Performance Baseline with PowerShell (DBA) Allen White (MVP, USA)
What’s New for Availability in SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016 (DBA) Allan Hirt (MVP and MCT, USA)
Power BI – The Voice of the Customer (BI) Peter Ward (Australia)
In memory OLTP – what can it do for me? (DBA) Martin Catherall (MVP, Australia)
Query Store: A (R)evolution in Query Tuning (DBA) Victor Isakov (MVP, MCM, MCA, and MCT, Australia)
New Security Features in SQL Server 2016 (DBA) Victor Isakov (MVP, MCM, MCA, and MCT, Australia)
What’s New in Master Data Services for SQL Server 2016 (BI) Matt Masson (Senior Program Manager in Microsoft Power BI Team. former Program Manager of SSIS team)
The Power of Power Query! (BI) Matt Masson (Senior Program Manager in Microsoft Power BI Team. former Program Manager of SSIS team)
Database Administration for Azure SQL DB (DBA) Martin Cairney (MVP, Australia)
Imposter Syndrome: Are You Faking It & Will they Find Out? (Professional development) Mindy Curnutt (MVP, USA)
Implementation of Binary Collaborative Filtering Using SQL (DS) Sergei Dumnov (New Zealand)
Unleash the Power of Power BI – tips and tricks (BI) Philip Seamark (New Zealand)
R; One Ring to Rule Them All (DS) Leila Etaati (MVP, New Zealand)
Cortana Analytics: Transform Data into Intelligence (DS) Leila Etaati (MVP, New Zealand)
Effective Data Visualization with Power BI (BI) Reza Rad (MVP and MCT, New Zealand)

Why should Attend

This is the first 3-days conference in New Zealand for Microsoft data platform. International and expert speakers from Microsoft product team, USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand will be there. Moreover, beside 30+ sessions, there will be one day full workshop (three workshops in parallel).


It will be held in Stanford Plaza Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand.



For 7th Feb- full day workshop (for each): 365 NZD + GST

For 8 and 9th Feb-2 days session (total): 365 NZD + GST

** Early bird discount up to 30% available if you purchase tickets before 25th of December.

For detail See:


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