Implement If condition in SSIS package

This is common requirement , you need to implement a If condition of If then else condition in a SSIS package flow. The example below illustrated it and implemented it with Precedence Constraints.

Problem Scenario:

there is a table in sql data source , If any records exist in this table then a Data Flow must transfer this data, Else a process must start.


Create a variable in package scope name it cnt

Create an Execute SQL Task

Configure this task to return Select count(*) as cnt from table1 .

set the result set as Single row.

 In Result Set tab, add a result set with name cnt and map it with variable User::cnt

Add a Data Flow Task.

Connect green line from Execute Process Task to this data flow task,this line called Precedence Constraint and show the flow of tasks in package.

right click on this line and select Edit

In Precedence Constraint Editor, set evaluation operation as Expression

in Expression box write this : @cnt>0

add a Execute process task,

connect green line from execute process task to this new task , right  click on line and select edit

set evaulation operation as Expression, and expression box : @cnt<=0

 run the package.

This is overall plan schema:

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