My Submitted Sessions for SqlBits 10

Dear folks,

I’ve submitted two sessions in SqlBits 10, with these topics:

  • SSIS Programming; SSIS Can Do Everything!
  • Boost SSIS power with XML

Topics are in one hour sessions

details of each topic are :

SSIS Programming; SSIS Can Do Everything!

Level: 400


SSIS is a RAD tool and many SSIS
Developers only need to know scripting a bit ( only for writing some
lines of codes in script task or script component in data flow ), But
there are some situations where regular development components and
scripting components in SSIS doesn’t help much, most of those scenarios
are dynamic things in SSIS. In this session some of such scenarios will
be explored.

Main parts of SSIS programming aspects which will be discussed in this session are:
Creating package with Programming
Creating Components
working with connection managers
working with data flow
How SSIS programming helps to solve real-world scenarios.

a background of C# or VB.NET is asset for participates of this session.

Boost SSIS power with XML

Level: 400


There are some powerful tasks and
components in SSIS for working with XML, but SSIS developers aren’t
familiar with their power and their real-world scenario of usages. In
this session some real-world scenarios will reveal to show how SSIS
components comes to help in XML zone.

Main XML parts in SSIS which will be explored in this session are:
XML Task
(Validating XML, Changing data with XSLT … )
Web Service Task
XML Source in Data Flow Task
Execute SQL Task with XML result set
how to store data into XML as destination in Data Flow

basic knowledge of SSIS and XML can be helpful for participants in this session.

Voting for sessions I think will be opened soon .

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Reza’s passion is to help you find the best data solution, he is Data enthusiast.

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