A Glance At My Speaking Life (In a Year)

This year was an active year in my speaking life, In almost a year I’ve done below speakings:

  • One SQL Rally Session (Denmark, Nordic)
  • One Microsoft Ignite (New Zealand)
  • Five SQL Saturdays (Austria, USA, New Zealand, Australia)
  • Bunch of User Group and Codecamp speakings

I started my peaking life with talking about MS data mining tools in SSAS: “Show Me Potential Customers “: Data Mining Approach in September 2014.

1- Codecamp New Zealand Auckland 2014

My first speaking experience was in a formal MS conference started on 13th September2014, at Auckland code camp. I was so excited about sharing my datamining experiences with others. There were about 20 people there that was so good for a first time speaker. Thanks for Dave Dustin (@venzann) and Steve Knutson (https://onehundredwatt.wordpress.com/) for providing this opportunity for me

 2- SQL Social Brisbane 2014

Attending Auckland code camp was a fascinating experience, it encouraged me to do more speaking. It was time to travel to other countries to share experiences and learn from other professional speakers. SQL Saturday in Brisbane (20th September, my birthday J ) 2014 was my first SQL Saturday experience. I think 30 people were in my session.

Thanks Paul for that opportunity (https://paultebraak.wordpress.com/)

See also: http://www.sqlgroup.com.au/agenda.aspx

 3- SQL Saturday Sydney #352

I really enjoyed speaking in Brisbane .such a nice city, so similar to Auckland. I experienced speaking in Australia again but this time in Sydney on October 2014. I spoke there for 35 people. I got such great feedbacks from them. Thanks to Grant Paisley (@angrykoala ).See also: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/352/sessions/details.aspx?sid=19011

4- SQL Saturday Oregon #337

Speaking in USA. That was so exciting for me. They accepted my session in a famous SQL Saturday. More than 500 people attended there. It was a huge conference.  Such a good luck to speak there to learn from SQL Guru How to speak better. This time around 50 people attended my session.

Thanks to Arnie Rowland (@ArnieRowland) and Paul Turley(@paul_turley). See also :

5- Co Organizing New Zealand BI User Group

Back home, now I want to share what I learned during these trips with our local SQL community in Business Intelligence User group in Auckland. I became one of the main co-organizer of this group . Thanks again to Raza for his support, I become the co- organizer of this user group and we invited Jéan van Schalkwyk to speak about the “Empowering End Users with Self Service Business Intelligence” in our user group. About 25 people attended in this session that was so amazing. See http://www.meetup.com/New-Zealand-Business-Intelligence-User-Group/events/218612715/

6- SQL Saturday Vienna Pre-Con

Now it’s time to travel to Europe. Having a SQL travel to Europe. My first destination was Vienna. 30 hours flight, but it worth to attend there. Another big SQL Saturday conference with a good organization of Markus Ehrenmüller(@MEhrenmueller )and Wolfgang Strasser (@wstrasser). Before starting conference on 26th of February 2015 I and Reza had a full day Pre conference on Vienna. Talking about power BI. See also https://www.eventbrite.de/e/power-bi-from-rockie-to-rockstar-reza-rad-leila-etaati-tickets-15174566537?ref=enivtefor001&invite=NzQxMzQ4NS93b2xmZ2FuZy5zdHJhc3NlckBnbXguYXQvMA%3D%3D&utm_source=eb_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=inviteformal001&utm_term=eventpage


7- SQL Saturday Vienna Conference Session

The day after Pre conference, there was a  big conference on 27th February 2015, such a well-organized event with guru speakers in Europe. That was amazing one. I found such a good friend there. I spoke in SQL Saturday conference in Vienna
about Power PI this time. A journey to Power BI”, about 80 people where there. Full house session and everyone enjoyed it. I got such good feedbacks from audience. See http://www.sqlsaturday.com/374/Speakers/Details.aspx?spid=1627.

8- SQL Rally Nordic 2015

Another existing conference SQL Rally Nordic in Denmark Copenhagen 2015 2-4 March. YES I made it. This time I was selected to speak in SQL rally Nordic. The second biggest conference in SQL server in Europe. Famous name Brent, Rafael, and Peter Myers all spoke there. I was selected to speak there as well. This was really good opportunity. A bit exited and stressful. But I made it. 200 People attended my session!!!!! That was a WOW for me… see: http://www.sqlpass.org/sqlrally/2015/nordic/SpeakerDetails.aspx?spid=1627






9- Codecamp New Zealand Christchurch 2015


It was time to have a session in New Zealand Christchurch 16th may 2015 Code Camp. It always nice to catch up with NZ SQL friends. I have spoken in this conference Thanks to Martin, Steve and other who organized this event. See : http://codercamp.azurewebsites.net/

Thanks to Martin Catherall (@MartyCatherall )
and Steve Knutson (https://onehundredwatt.wordpress.com/)



10- Auckland BI User Group May 2015

I had a session in Business intelligence use group in Auckland

in 27th May 2015. It was so good to see many IT professional people in my session. They were totally interested in data mining concept and tools. Thanks to Reza J. See http://www.meetup.com/New-Zealand-Business-Intelligence-User-Group/events/222422339/?a=ea1_grp&rv=ea1&_af_eid=222422339&_af=event

11-Mentoring at Datacomp 2015


Now is Azure ML time. I found Azure machine learning as a nice a tools. I have worked with it but I did not speak about it yet. I invited to be AZURE ML mentor in DATACOM. Three was a competition in Datacom company the largest IT company in New Zealand. I was there to help around 150 people to work with Azure ML. Big companies where there. See http://datacom.co.nz/Campaigns/Datacomp-2015-Smarter.aspx

12- Auckland BI User Group August 2015


AZURE ML is so fascinating that I decided to have a session about it on Our Business intelligent User group in Auckland in August 2015.
Be Smarter with Azure Machine Learning. See : http://www.meetup.com/New-Zealand-Business-Intelligence-User-Group/events/224346643/


13- Microsoft Ignite New Zealand 2015

Another big conference, this time in New Zealand Auckland. MS Ignite NZ 2015 1-5 September in Sky city .This was the biggest IT conference in NZ. I was selected to speak there “A Journey into Machine Learning with R”. More than 200 people where there. I like the Session and thanks to organizer specially Regan (@nzregs ) and Hannes (@HannesN).

See https://msignite.nz/sessions/session-details/1146


14- SQL Saturday Auckland #456

Then I and Reza decided to have a SQL Saturday in Auckland in 3th October. We did not organize a SQL Saturday event before. Thanks to our Sponsors that was so great conference. We decided to combine our conference with MS Auckland Code camp. It’s really nice to organize and speak in this conference and again get in touch with so many nice people in SQL field in Auckland. See http://www.sqlsaturday.com/456/eventhome.aspx



To be continue ….Next Stop is USA may be J




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