PASS Summit 2015 Keynote 1

And the PASS Summit 2015 Starts with the Keynote

2015-10-28 08.11.56

Good crowd turnout for this summit

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Blogger table

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Let’s start then

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This will be live blog of Pass Keynote day 1, so watch here;

8:21: Narrator of promotion video:  40 zeta bytes of data will be created by 2020

8:22: PASS President Thomas LaRock on stage

2015-10-28 08.22.30

8:23: This summit is 16th PASS Summit gathering

8:23: from 58 countries, more than 2000 companies around the world we have attendees

8:24: Thomas introduced PASS executive board, directors and regional advisors

2015-10-28 08.24.58

8:26: 5500 registrations this year, compared with 1700 at 2004 in Orlando

** and Chris Webb is sitting beside me gathering data for his awesome upcoming session. Don’t forgot his session, it will be superb I believe.

8:30: Go to community zone, meet chapter leaders, SQL Saturday organizers, even PASS HQ sometime

8:30: Over 200 technical sessions

8:30: hashtag #sqlpass and #summit15 are tags to follow here

8:31: Second annual speaker Idol this year (By Denny Chery again)

8:34: There will be prizes, don’t forgot to be in 😉

Thomas Thanks audience for being member of this community, and for attendance. He wish people amazing week at summit

He invites Joseph Sirosh CVP of Microsoft on stage

8:36: video about the data by Microsoft

8:37: Joseph Sirosh on stage CVP of Data Platform in Microsoft

2015-10-28 08.40.51

8:38: few years ago data was analog, internet provided connected data few years later. there going to be 50 Milion peta bytes of data in 2010 (means only 5 years ahead)

8:41: Let’s see how data can change our life: Video about Healthcare describes a solution based on Cortana Analytics Suite for personalized care. we can monitor patients from their homes. Cortana summarize health data and analyze it. patients receive information everywhere they are.

8:43: In the new world data predict everything

8:45: We are all big data. Human beings is about 2 gigabyte of genomics data

8:47: R is statistical and analytical language for lots of genomics data

8:49: DocuSign is a company that changed the way companies sign contracts

** that said I still have many clients who believe in paper contracts and signs and even mailed by post

8:50:  Eric Fleischman from DocuSign on stage explains how they do what they are good at.

2015-10-28 08.50.56

8:51: We use SQL Server (Awesome man!), and we upgraded to 2014!

8:52: We are not database people, we want to use database, and we found SQL Server and Microsoft team useful to help us for solution

8:54: J.S: Have you started looking at SQL Server 2016?

8:56: J.S. talks about engines of data for DocuSign

2015-10-28 08.56.50

8:57: SQL Server 2016 meant to be this platform that have all of these engines

8:58: You are making us #1 in this age of data. I see Jen and many of SQL Family faces in the image showed

8:59: Microsoft SQL Server is the leader based on gartner

9:00: words from SQL Server MVPs a video, nice one. I see Niko, Argenis, Denny, Jen Stirup (Very nice video 🙂 )

9:02: Shawn Bice General Manager of Database Systems Group stepped on stage

2015-10-28 09.02.50

9:04: SQL Server 2016: everything I going to show you is built-in

Mission Critical OLTP: Industry Leader

Security: SQL Server is the most secure database in the world

Data Warehousing: SQL Server run #1 performance DWs

BI: (I can talk about this myself 🙂 ) Mobile BI with very low cost. Fraction of the cost

Advanced Analytics: This is brand new section of SQL Server. R!

2015-10-28 09.08.14

9:08: HA & DR dramatically simplified now. easy setup, load balancing, and fast failover

9:12: T-SQL Over Hadoop. (This is what I really love.)

Simple T-SQL, JSON support

9:14: Real-time operational analytics, In-Memory. In SQL Server 2016, we combine In-Memory OLTP with ColumnStore. we have 30x faster engine now

9:16: In-database Advanced Analytics. You can write R scripts within your T-SQL

918: Rohan Humar Parner Director of Microsoft stepped on the stage

2015-10-28 09.18.43

9:19: Real-time analysis and analytics of the data by a customer case study

9:20: Demo Time. (Finally, it was a bit late I believe)

Single query uses all the available resources for better real-time big data processing. Awesome.

9:21: He shows a dashboard real-time.

2015-10-28 09.22.18

9:23: This is real time. I have created an update-able non clustered column store in 2016.

9:27: Advanced analytics made it really simply to embed my analytics code inside my SQL Server

Let’s see a demo of that. (Wow)

9:28: He shows a t-sql script with R inside the code.

He execute the script and he sees the result in SSMS

2015-10-28 09.29.04

** It was a good demo I have to say 🙂

9:30: We have invested more in Security than ever before!

TDE built-in. Row-Level Security, Dynamic Data Masking, The big innovation: Always encrypted

9:34: Demo of Security now

He shows a demo of credit card information with national identifiers (not a good thing to show I believe)

then he shows information in database which is encrypted

He opens SQL Profiler to show how always encrypted works there. the data is encrypted even there. Great.

He shows a wizard that you can choose which columns should be encrypted. with some configuration about certificate, withing five or six clicks the always encrypted is available. (Awesome.)

applause from audience

9:40: Stretch Database cut storage costs.

2015-10-28 09.42.31

Stretch database works with on-premises and Azure. all of it completely transparent from client.

9:44: Demo of stretch database

He shows a table information with a Location column. the location column shows on-prem for last 6 months of the data, and the rest on cloud.

2015-10-28 09.45.49

9:46: he shows the wizard for stretching table. easy, all just wizard with setting up the azure subscription.

in the middle of demo authentication by Microsoft Call. it was nice (but tricky I have to say)

9:49: he shows a query to fetch data from stretch table. the query is normal, it takes more time to process. but result is also normal. completely transparent from client.

9:51: end-to-end mobile BI on any device. James Philips will talk about this in details later (definitely, BI needs its own part, it is big part here)

9:52: Joseph stepped back again on stage. Our industry doesn’t respect tradition, it respects innovation.

9:56: Agility of cloud is our time to go

and that was end of the keynote.



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