Power BI Export to Power Point: Things You Need to Know

Exporting a Power BI report to PowerPoint is a good way of integrating these two tools together. The analytical power of Power BI combined with the commentary and presentation features of PowerPoint enables you to present your reports differently. You can export almost any Power BI report (limitations mentioned in this post) to PowerPoint, and then enhance the presentation of that from there. Exporting to PowerPoint, however, has some limitations which you need to be aware of before working with it. In this post, you will learn everything about export to PowerPoint feature if you want to learn more about Power BI, read Power BI book from Rookie to Rock Star.

How Export to PowerPoint works

This feature only works for reports at the moment. On top of the report, you can simply click on File option and select Export to PowerPoint. Note that this feature is still in preview mode at the time of writing this post, and it may be subject to changes.

Export to PowerPoint works very simple, and download a PPTX file for you. The file will include all pages of the report, plus a summary page. The summary page will include the name of the report, a link to the report, the time of refresh for the dataset, and the download time of the report.

The “downloaded at” time will be the time of the computer that the export to PowerPoint kicked off from there.

Visualizations on a page will be all exported as a big screenshot of each page.

Each report page will be a slide in PowerPoint, Not interactive, however, just screenshots. It means you cannot click on a visual or slicer and interact with it like a normal Power BI report.

What is the Main Advantage of Export to PowerPoint?

The main benefit of export to PowerPoint is getting the great features from both products: Commentary and presentation features of PowerPoint, combined with analytical and reporting feature of Power BI. After exporting to PowerPoint you can make changes in the presentation of slides as you want.

Limitations and Important Things to Know

Export to PowerPoint is a new feature and it has some limitations. Here is a list of limitations at the time of writing this post.

Number of Pages; Not more than 15

You cannot export to PowerPoint if you have more than 15 report pages. You will get an error such as below;

Custom Visuals: Only Certified Are supported

Some of the custom visuals won’t be shown after exporting to PowerPoint, and some of them will have a weird behavior after export to PowerPoint, like the screenshot below;

Certified custom visuals are supported fully: Example; Infographic Designer

List of all certified custom visuals are here:


ArcGIS is not supported

ArcGIS custom visuals are not supported at the time of writing this post.


R Visuals are not currently supported

Export to PowerPoint can be disabled or limited

In Tenant Settings, the ability to Export to PowerPoint can be disabled or limited to a group of people

Language Setting in Power BI

When you export to PowerPoint, it will use the default language settings in Power BI. If you want to change it, go to Power BI service, Settings, and again Settings, then Language configuration and apply the change you want.

Not for people outside of your organization

If you share the report/dashboard with someone outside of your organization, they cannot use the export to PowerPoint feature.

This feature is still in PREVIEW mode

The feature is still in preview mode, and subject to changes.


This was a very quick post about export to PowerPoint feature of Power BI. The export to PowerPoint brings two products together; Power BI and PowerPoint. The result of the combination of the two products is the analytical power of Power BI combined with presentation features of PowerPoint. However, the export to PowerPoint is still in preview mode, and have some limitations. in the comments below please let me know if you have any questions.

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    • Great to know.
      I know that the page sizes don’t matter, whatever custom size you get, the exported one will be always 16 by 9. hidden pages is good to know


  • Another important limitation is – In-session interactivity (highlighting and filtering, drill-down, etc.) is not supported yet when exporting.

    But Thanks Reza for your regular Power BI Articles as they are very informative.

      • I meant from In-session interactivity limitation that if user apply any filter/cross-filtering in report and then export in to PPT then PPT doesn’t respect applied filters and just show all data as there were saved in report.

        I am wondering if is this possible through some settings changes etc?

  • I also found that you have to make the fonts larger in the visualizations, otherwise they appear tiny in the PP slide.

  • I think it could be useful upload a custom ppt template to apply for the export in PowerPoint functionality

  • Thanks for the post, very interesting.
    One question here, does power bi allow us to create a customized summary page while exporting to PPTX??

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