Power BI Helper November 2020 Feature Summary

We have some bug fixes and small features that make a big improvement in using Power BI Helper. In this post, you will learn about the new features added in Power BI Helper in November 2020 edition. in a nutshell, here are updates;

  • layout for different sizes of screen
  • splitters for a better UI
  • cross-filtering workspaces to dashboards/reports/dataset and dataflows
  • export metadata
    • the result of DMV execution
    • the metadata of the service tab
    • the metadata of the visualization tab
  • bug fixes

How to install the latest version of Power BI Helper?

Download the latest version of the Power BI Helper, and install it. That’s it. Simple as that.

Download Power BI Helper from here:

Support for different screen sizes and resolutions

Although Power BI Helper is not supported for mobile screens. You can however, get it working in different screen sizes and resolutions beautifully in this latest version.

here are some views of the visualization tab in different screen sizes;

1080p, 24 inches screen
4K, 28 inches screen
4k, 13 inches screen
4k super wide screen

Splitters for a better UI

We’ve also added visual splitters here and there in the pages and tabs so that you can customize the view as you want.

Cross filter to see all the content in a workspace

Previously in Power BI Helper’s Service tab, you could see all the workspaces, reports, dashboard etc. What we have added in this version is the ability to select a workspace in the left side and see all the content of it (dashboards, reports, datasets, and dataflows) in the right hand side.

cross filtering content of a workspace in Power BI Helper

Export metadata as CSV

A very common request amongst the users was to have the ability to export the metadata as CSV files.

export Power BI file’s metadata into CSV using Power BI helper

For most of the pages we added an option to “Export all metadata” which does this action.

We have added this functionality in a few tabs as below:

Export the result of a DMV execution

When you run a DMV, you can export the output of that into a CSV file

export result of executing DMV on a Power BI file in Power BI Helper

Export metadata from the Power BI Service

This includes everything from the Power BI service based on your account’s access level. Including but not limited to workspaces, reports, dashboards, datasets, dataflows, apps, configurations, data sources, gateways.

Export Power BI service metadata using Power BI Helper

Export metadata from the Visualization

This includes all reports, bookmarks, visualizations, fields, and tables that have used or not used in visuals.

Export visualization metadata of a Power BI file, using Power BI Helper

How about M Script?

The M script tab’s functionality is changed after the change in the recent versions of the Power BI file’s metadata. If you can’t get the script in this tab, try using the DMV Explorer tab, and select the TMSCHEMA_Partitions. the QueryDeifinition column provides the M script.

Export M script of the Power BI file using Power BI Helper

Bug fixes

This version also has some bug fixes we had in the Model analysis tab and the Service tab, and few other places.

Your suggestion matters

Power BI Helper is a tool for you and every Power BI Developer. Help us making it better everyday with your suggestions and ideas.

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