Power BI Salary Survey and Report 2020

Are you underpaid? or you are getting paid in the market range? If you are looking for a job, what range of salary you should be looking for? The Salary survey and the report is helpful to answer these questions. The salary survey, is a form that everyone fills, and from the result of that, a report is generated. This is merely a report of your own data. I don’t get it from web query or anything like that. Here is how it works, and how you can use it.


The idea of a salary survey isn’t mine, I’ve seen how Brent Ozar created one useful in his website, so credits of the idea go to him. However, What I did, is to create the Power BI version of it, and also making it more like a live report using Power BI and Power Automate. I might write about the way of doing it in another article later on.

Enter your Salary info

No confidential information is required from you, no email, name, company name, etc. So feel free to enter the values without any doubts.

Here is a Microsoft Form I have created that you can easily answer. Answer the Survey

Or you can even enter your data here directly:

Check the report

Either you enter the data or not, you would be able to check the report here:

Things to know

  • The report data is merely from the form filled by all others.
  • Be honest in entering your information, do not enter information more than once.
  • There is a tab in the report above, in which you can filter using slicers to find out what is the average salary for your selection criteria.
  • the survey and the report are built using Microsoft Forms, Power Automate, and Power BI (I might write an article about that later).
  • To get more accurate results, encourage everyone in the Power BI space to go and fill the form.
  • No sensitive information (email, IP, name, company name, etc) is stored.
  • Because the result is a report (not a dashboard), it won’t show you the result in real-time, but after an hour or two, you should be seeing the result added hopefully.
  • If you still don’t see any data in the report, that is probably because we are still waiting for some submissions to come through.
  • If there is a field, which is not in the survey, and you feel is important to add, please let me know in the comments below.

Here are some sample screenshots of the report (the sample screenshots are with my sample test data of five entries, which has been wiped out before posting this article);


What should be my salary?

Details page (You can navigate to this page using right-click, drill through from other pages)

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11 thoughts on “Power BI Salary Survey and Report 2020

  • Hi, are yo doing a currency conversion when you are reporting summarized data for salaries? Asking, because if not – it is not comparable bg lev with us $ for example and we cannot report them together.

    /here: Your Salary (In local currency, annual, before taxes)/

    Thank you!

    • Hi Hris
      This report is using a streaming dataset and doesn’t have currency conversion in it
      after two or three weeks, I’ll build another report with currency conversion from the imported dataset and share it here.
      for now, when you select a country, then the amounts should be correct.


  • Hi,

    Few remarks:
    – there are some false data submitted that should be cleaned – like zeros
    – some country names are nor aligned to each other – U.K, United Kingdom, England etc.

    • Hi.
      Good points.
      The current report is a real-time report, and I can’t do much of data alteration or grouping country names and cleaning the data.
      There will be another version of this report coming in the next few weeks with currency conversion, data cleaning, grouped data etc.

  • Hi, My question exactly same as Hris, because I didnt expect to see India on top of average salary by country (as I am in India 🙂 ) , so yes a currency conversion is missing here.. But overall a cool stuff created by Reza…

    • The report with the currency exchange rate will be coming.
      On the other hand, I made the country selected by default. so would be more reasonable now to see the report’s data

  • Hi,
    Thank you for the report.

    You are having an issue with the visibility of countries on the map. Example: Serbia and Croatia.
    There is data but the map isn’t showing it.
    Also maybe to make it easier for non-US users to indicate for them to write 12 months Gross Salary because we usually measure Salary as Net earnings on a monthly level.

    • Hi Max
      Yes, map data is not perfect, especially because in the rea-time streaming data, I cannot do any preparation or something like to that to make it better.
      In the next version of the report, it will be better I’m sure.
      and the mention to annual salary is already in the MS Forms


  • Nice initiative Reza!
    Is it possible to edit answers? I made a mistake.
    Is not better to specify all salaries in USD? so conversion should by on our side.
    My suggestion is to prevent individual displaying until specific number of responses exists (i.e. 3 or more). This way many people will disclose accurate info without problems regarding sensitivity.
    Why maps for all countries are not working?



    • Hi Juan,
      The minimum number I set in the slicer is at the moment 10, which I guess is at least needed to have close to an accurate result. and of course, no sensitive information is asked in the form.

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