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This article explains the setup instructions to work with the Service tab of Power BI Helper. Download Power BI Helper from here. Power BI Helper is a third party application, and any third party application if wants to connect to your tenant, needs to be authorized. You need to give permission to the Power BI Helper. and this article explains how this setup works.

Important Note:

Power BI Helper does NOT store any information from your tenant. Nothing at all. List of workspaces, datasets, dashboards, reports, dataflows, users, everything is just populated runtime in the application to show to you. Nothing will be stored in our servers or databases. Not even your username and password and application ID.

Register App

Go to this URL in a web browser:

Sign in using your Power BI Account:

After Login, go to the next step:

Apply the settings below in the Register your application:

After successfully registering the app, copy the Application Id

This Application ID should be added in the About tab of Power BI Helper later on, but there are still a few more steps to do.

Setup permissions in Azure portal

Login to Azure Portal:

Go to Azure Active Directory, and then to App Registrations, find the Power BI Helper App, and click on it.

Go to the Settings of App, and then to the Required Permissions

Depends on your permission in the Azure portal, you might be able to do #1 or #2 step as below;

If you have an admin account, you can do #1 option. otherwise, #2 is enough.

1- If your account in an admin account

In this section, select Power BI Service, then select all permissions and Save

Then select Windows Azure Active Director, select all permissions and then Save

This is an example of a correctly set up app;

2- If your account doesn’t have admin right

If you do not have Admin rights, then you have to only select those permissions that the Requires Admin field of them is No in each section (Power BI Service, and Windows Azure Active Directory), and then save and grant permission. (However, using this way, you won’t be able to use Admin features, such as accessing all content in the tenant from Power BI Helper);

Add Application ID in Power BI Helper

The last step is to add the ApplicationId in the About tab of Power BI Helper, and then Save;

You can now use the Service tab of Power BI Helper. To learn what you can do using the Service tab in Power BI Helper, read this article.

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6 thoughts on “Register Power BI Helper in Your Tenant

  • Reza,
    Thanks for these clear instructions to get Power BI Helper setup with the correct permissions to the Power BI Service. I didn’t have any issues with these instructions except for the last step in the Power BI Helper application. I have version installed and don’t see that Application ID box to copy the GUID into on my version. Your screenshot is showing version, does this require an older version of Power BI Helper to get it connected to the Power BI Service? If so, where can we download that older version of the application?

    • Hi Steve.
      For the release of Power BI Helper (Version 6.0), I wrote this post first explaining the setup requirement.
      and writing the post explaining the features (already writing), and release to come in a few hours. You were so quick. Awesome job. None of your work is lost. The next release coming VERY soon. Stay tuned.
      I also fixed the screenshot. thanks for mentioning it.


  • Hi Reza,

    I’m not able to connect to the Model Analysis tab. I use the report server version of PBI desktop. The file doesn’t appear in the ‘choose the Power BI file dropdown’.

    I have just updated to the new version too. Perhaps a reboot is needed?

    • Hi Adam
      The Model Analysis tab (and the modeling advise, and DMV tab) at the moment doesn’t work for PBI RS version. we might add this in the next version.

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