Trim Vs. Clean in Power BI and Power Query

Trim Vs. Clean in Power BI and Power Query

When applying text transformations in Power BI using Power Query; two very important transformations that can help are; Trim and Clean. These two mistakenly often considered to do one thing, but they are different. In this short article and video, I’ll explain their differences through an example.


Sample text

Let’s assume I have a sample text value as below;

 samples words    here exists\

The text above has some spaces, tab, end of line characters etc. If I see that in Notepad++ with show all characters, this is how it looks like;

Sample text

Text transformations in Power Query Editor

To do text transformations, You can go to the Transform Data to get the Power Query Editor open.

Transform Data in Power BI Desktop


Trim is a very commonly used transformation in Power Query. This is used when you want to remove all spaces from the beginning and end of every text value in the field.

You can find Trim under the Transform > Format in the Power Query Editor. Or alternatively right click on the column and under the Transform, select Trim.

Trim transformation in Power Query and Power BI

The result of Trim on the sample text is as below;

Trim removes all the spaces from the beginning and end of the text values


Clean is not as commonly used as the Trim. Clean removes all the control characters from the text value. This can include end of lines, tabs etc. You can find the Clean transformation in the same place that you found the Trim.

Applying Clean on the sample text will result into below output;

Clean removes all control characters

To see what control characters are, check out this Wikipedia page. In the sample text above the carriage return/line feed, and tabs are removed when used the Clean transformation.

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