Power BI – Banding and stripes in charts

Posted by on Jan 11, 2018 in DAX, Power BI | One Comment

This blog will show a technique that can be applied to certain charts allow banding or stripes to help highlight data. This could be horizontal bands to help show data above or below a certain threshold, or this could be vertical bands to help highlight ranges of data by time.  In both cases, using What-If ...

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Python Programming-Environment

Python is one of the famous programming languages and it is so common for Machine Learning. It is a multi-purpose language that has been leveraged with the aim of device programming, object-oriented programming, machine learning and so forth. In this post, I will introduce some of the common Python IDE programming environment for the aim of ...

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DirectQuery Connection in Power BI; How does it work? Limitations and Advantages

In the last post, you learned about Import Data or Scheduled Refresh as a connection type. In this post, you’ll learn about the second type of connection named; DirectQuery. This type of connection is only supported by a limited number of data sources, and mainly targets systems with a huge amount of data. DirectQuery is ...

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Connection Types in Power BI: Import Data or Scheduled Refresh; A Detailed Look Inside and Out

Power BI is one of the BI tools in the market that supports more than one type of connection. Each connection type has pros and cons. In this section, we are going to cover everything about Import Data or Scheduled Refresh type of connection. You will learn briefly how Power BI stores data into xVelociy ...

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SlopChart RViz: Power BI Custom Visual

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SlopChartRViz SlopChartViz is a custom visual for showing the trend between two times.  There is a possibility to zoom in an zoom out in this chart. This custom visual needs: 1-      First Variable: a group (categorical variable) 2-      Second Variable: Value related to first time 3-      Third Variable: Value related to the second time To ...

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