SSIS Catalog: Part 4 – Execution

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In previous blog post of SSIS Catalog series, I described folder hierarchy. In this post I will explain tables which deals with execution of packages and projects. At the time of package’s execution, you can map environment variables to package’s parameters, set values to the connection string’s properties, set package’s property values, and set 32bit run ...

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SSIS Catalog: Part 3 – Folder Hierarchy; Folder, Projects and Packages

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In previous post of SSIS Catalog series, I’ve explained how to create SSIS catalog and configure properties. In this post I talk about Folder hierarchy in SSIS catalog, and different parts of folder hierarchy: Folder, Projects, packages and Environment Variables. SSIS Catalog contains folders, in each folder there can be one or more projects. each ...

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SSIS Catalog: Part 2 – How to Create Catalog?

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In previous post of SSIS Catalog Series, I explained what is the SSIS Catalog. In this post I will explain how to create SSIS Catalog. To Create SSIS Catalog you first need to install SQL Server 2012. after installation open SSMS and right click on "Integration Services Catalogs" node and select "Create Catalog" In the ...

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SSIS Catalog: Part 1 – What is the Catalog?

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In this new series of posts I will explain SSIS Catalog of Integration Services 2012. Part 1 – What is the Catalog? SSIS Catalog is a new repository model for Integration Services, which introduced from SQL Server 2012. This new repository model brings a lot of abilities for developers, testers and administrators.  SQL Server Integration ...

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Interview with Packt Publishing

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Script of my interview with Packt Publishing about my latest book Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services: An Expert Cookbook. published on PacktPub website here. If you want to read more details about the book read this post. here you can read full story: Interview with Reza Rad , Author of ‘Microsoft SQL Server 2012 ...

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SSDT as a Database Schema Compare Tool

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Today I want to write about new feature in SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) to compare two databases in term of structure. With a free installation of SSDT you can have ability to compare two SQL Server databases and review changes, create changes script and apply it on destination database. there are some options also ...

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SSIS 2012: Execute Package from Another Project

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Execute Package Task in SSIS 2012 has ability to use Project Deployment Model. With selecting Project Reference type as ReferenceType we can select any of packages But just from current project. This post shows a way to run package from another project in SSIS 2012. There are some ways to run a package in SSIS ...

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T-SQL Script: Find Keyword in whole Database

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There are some times that you need to find all occurrence (or some of them) of a keyword in all columns/tables in a database, This is a usual scenario in data profiling. I wrote script below to fulfill this requirement, this script will search for specific keyword in all columns and tables of a database ...

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