Power Query Library of Functions; Shared Keyword

As I mentioned earlier in Power BI online book, Power Query is a functional language. Knowing functions is your best helper when you work with a functional language. Fortunately Power Query both in Excel and Power BI can use shared keyword to reveal a document library of all functions. I’ve written about shared keyword almost ...

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Interactive R Charts in Power BI

Posted by on Jun 9, 2016 in Power BI, R | 2 Comments

In previous videos you’ve learned that we can demonstrate R visualization in Power BI, In this video you will learn how R visualization is working interactively with other elements in Power BI report. In fact Power BI works with R charts as a regular visualization and highlighting and selecting items in other elements of report ...

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Power BI Desktop May 2016 Update; Quick Check

Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in Power BI | No Comments

Power BI Desktop May 2016 Update is out now, and there is still no official announcement in Power BI blog for it, however Koen already posted a blog post about it. Just to name a few major updates; Conditional Formatting, Quick Calc, and Three new standard measures. Here are my first glance view of these ...

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Azure Machine Learning with Power BI SandDance Visualization

You’ve seen a number of custom visualizations of Power BI that we’ve used in Power BI online book previously. In this post you will learn through a quick video how SandDance custom visualization of Power BI can be used to visualize clustering result set of an Azure Machine Learning model. In this video I’ll start ...

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