Power Query Formula Language M : Table Functions Part 1

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In previous post you’ve learned about Formula language of the Power Query known as "M". you’ve learned that M is a functional language that apply data transformations through script. In examples of previous post you’ve learned some of table functions such as Table.AddColumn, Table.Sort, Table.Join, and Table.PrefixColumns. In this post we will discover more table ...

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Power Query Formula Language: M

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In previous post, I described what is Power Query, and how we can use that for self service ETL. You’ve how to work with Power Query menus and connect to different data sources, and apply multiple transformations on the data. In this post I’ll go one step closer to the core of Power Query Formula ...

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Tutorial Introduction to Power Query

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Power BI is the new self-service BI tools introduced by Microsoft. Power BI comes as part of Office 365 and Excel tools as some Add-Ins. Power Query is one of the main components of Power BI, and the functionality of Power Query is for self-service data transfer and ETL. In this blog post I’ll describe ...

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