Difinity Conference

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  I normally post about machine learning topics. this post is mainly about the conference that we organized in February 2018. What is Difinity Difinity Name: Data +Infinity Difinity Location: Auckland, New Zealand When normally Happen: February Difinity Conference: Is a Microsoft Data Platform Conference in New Zealand, Auckland that has been held in 2017 ...

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Business Understanding for Machine Learning – Descriptive Analysis

Business Understanding Business understanding is the main and first step for doing machine learning in any platform or languages. Not all business problem can be addressed by machine learning approaches. There are some proposed categories for machine learning such as “Supervised Learning” and “Un-Supervised Learning”. Supervised Learning is about when we identify both input and ...

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Power BI Issue Fix: Import from Excel Workbook Contents; Password Protection Failure

One of the great features of Power BI Desktop is the ability to import your entire Power Pivot Excel model into it. This is an awesome feature, because you can import the entire model including tables, relationships, calculations, and hierarchies into the Power BI. This is a great migration feature from Excel to Power BI. ...

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Unleash Security Patterns in Power BI; Webinar Recording and Materials

Thanks to all attendees of my Power BI webinar last Friday. I hope you all enjoyed it. I explained a number of the most common row level security patterns in Power BI with some DAX expressions, in this post you will find the description of webinar, recording, and link to all demos and materials. Although ...

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Export the Entire M Power Query Script from a Power BI File, New Version of Power BI Helper, Search based on Field Description in the Model

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Previous versions of Power BI Helper had some features related to the visualization part and the modelling part of a Power BI file. This latest release of Power BI helper, can export the entire M or Power Query script into a file or into clipboard. Sometimes, especially when the number of queries in the Power ...

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