Prediction via KNN (K Nearest Neighbours) KNN Power BI: Part 3

K Nearest Neighbour (KNN ) is one of those algorithms that are very easy to understand and it has a good level of accuracy in practice. In Part One of this series, I have explained the KNN concepts. In Part 2 I have explained the R code for KNN, how to write R code and how ...

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Prediction via KNN (K Nearest Neighbours) R codes: Part 2

In the previous post (Part 1), I have explained the concepts of KNN and how it works. In this post, I will explain how to use KNN for predict whether a patient with Cancer will be Benign or Malignant. This example is get from Brett book[1]. Imagine that we have a dataset on laboratory results of some patients ...

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Interactive R Charts in Power BI

Posted by on Jun 9, 2016 in Power BI, R | 2 Comments

In previous videos you’ve learned that we can demonstrate R visualization in Power BI, In this video you will learn how R visualization is working interactively with other elements in Power BI report. In fact Power BI works with R charts as a regular visualization and highlighting and selecting items in other elements of report ...

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