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It is a pleasure to announce the newest version of Power BI helper, version 3.0 July 2018 with the great feature of exporting model documentation. The documentation part of the insight from Power BI Helper has been always in our backlog, but haven’t had a chance to work on it. Gladly now you can export the document to an HTML file. The exported documentation at the moment, has information about all tables in the model, all measures, all columns and calculated columns in each table with possible expressions and descriptions. If you like to learn more about Power BI Helper, read this page.

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To Download Power BI Helper, click here:

Download Power BI Helper from here.

Export Model Documentation to File

As this is a feature many of you requested before, here is the documentation export to HTML as a major update. After installing this version of Power BI Helper, in the Modeling tab, you will see an Export to Document button.

At the moment this feature only works for Import Data or DirectQuery models. After connecting to the model you can choose to Export to Document. The output will be an HTML file.


What is included in the Exported Document?

List of Tables

In the exported document, you will get the list of all tables. Some of them may have some descriptions (if you have set the descriptions of tables in Power BI Desktop);

List of Measures, with their expressions

List of all measures in the model with their expressions, the table that they are located in, and the description of the measure;

All Columns and Calculated Columns

List of all columns which are not hidden, calculated or normal, with their description, and the possible expression (for calculated columns);

What’s Next?

There are tons of interesting features still coming for Power BI Helper. Please stay tuned. if there is anything you would like, please let us know in the comment below.

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