RADACAD run professional training on Advanced Analytics. Our trainer is world class speaker and mentor for Advanced Analytics, Dr. Leila Etaati. This course run both in-person and online. Online courses cover major time zones. RADACAD Also provide custom training for organizations. For custom training options please email us (training@radacad.com).

Course Title: Advanced Analytics with R, Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI, and Azure Machine Learning

Length: 3 days

Prerequisite: This course is a beginner to advanced level course. You don’t need any prerequisites for attending in this course.

Instructor: Dr. Leila Etaati


You keep hearing about the machine learning and R recently. R become a language for data analysis and machine learning that makes the need for learning it more clearly. Moreover, Microsoft introduces R server as a comprehensive platform for using machine learning and R functionality inside the data analysis tools such as SQL Server 2016 and Power BI.

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