TblChart RViz: Power BI R Custom Visual

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TblChartRViz is a custom visual for showing five variables in one chart. There is a possibility to zoom in and zoom out on this chart.

This custom visual needs:

1-      X-axis as the first variable

2-      Y-axis as the second  variable

3-      Color (categorize variable) for the Third axis, which is a legend

4-      A categorized variable for column as Forth variable

5-      A categorized variable for Row a the Fifth variable

To use this chart, you need to have

1-      One R version in your machine

2-      Automatically, some of the packages like “plotly,” “ggplot2”, and “htmlwidgets” will install.

3-      If these packages did not install automatically, then we need to install them in Rstudio via below commands:




In below example, I have shown the speed in the city and highway with a number of the cylinder as colour. The speed in the city has been shown in the x-axis, speed in the highway in Y axis and the number of cylinders will be shown as a different color. Also, the year will be shown as a column, and the type of driver will be shown as a row.

Leila Etaati
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