Materials and Q&A of PASS BA VC Session: Take Power BI Visualization to the Next Level

Posted by on Jan 28, 2017 in Power BI, Presentations, Visualization | No Comments

Thanks for all attendees of my webinar yesterday in PASS Business Analytics Virtual Chapter (Group). It was a pleasure to present to you all again. The session time spent all for me speaking and there was no time for answering questions at the end, so here I’ll answer all questions, and you will have access ...

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Stacked Chart or Clustered? Which One is the Best?

Column chart and Bar chart are two of the most basic charts used in every report and dashboard. There are normally two types of these charts: Stacked, and Clustered. At the first glance they seems to do same action; showing values by categories ans sub categories. However, they are different. Your storytelling of data would ...

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